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Standard 53 Camera Strap - Ocean Blue

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Strap Length:

We are so excited about this new Ocean Blue leather! A blend of blue and light grey tones create a wonderful look that will suit any situation, plus the finish is full of character. Subtle navy blue accent stitching finishes this strap off perfectly.

The Standard 53 design is also the widest strap in our range, perfect for all day carrying and heavier kits

This strap also comes standard with our very own custom engineered quick release system so you can rapidly attach, adjust, detach and even swap camera straps during shoots. 

  • Longer, wider and much more comfortable than stock camera straps
  • Designed to be worn across your body (like a sling) not around your neck
  • 53mm (2") wide for the ultimate all day carrying comfort
  • Choice of traditional ends or our new Quick Release System
  • Quick Release System also features anti-theft cut resistant Dyneema® webbing and a safety lock for secure travel
  • Strong enough for all handheld cameras, strength tested to over 50kg (115lb)
  • Two lengths available and both are adjustable to fine tune your fit 
  • Perfect for medium to large sized Mirrorless, DSLR and even Medium Format Cameras
  • Australian Made with careful hands in our hometown factory (Bendigo, Victoria)
  • Fits almost every camera ever made
  • Personalise it with your name or logo!

Model is 166cm/5'5" tall and is using a Regular Length Strap
Please Note: Does not include camera, lens or photographer in pictures. 

*See tabs below for more info on sizing and personalisation

Quick Release System

For an in-depth overview of our Quick Release System please click here.

Quick Release Camera Strap System with Anti-Theft Cut Proof Webbing from Lucky Straps

Lucky Camera Straps Quick Release System with Anti-Theft for Safe Travel 

Details and Sizing

Will it fit me?

The Standard Length is little longer than a stock strap, perfect for using as a traditional neck strap or hanging off one shoulder.  Also works as a cross body strap for most people up to about 170cm (5'7" tall). 

Our Long Length straps are 25cm longer than our Standard Length which makes them better for wearing across the body for people over 170cm (5'7") tall.

More detailed info on choosing a strap here.

Standard 53 Size Chart


Will it fit my camera?

This strap will work with almost any camera, especially larger DSLR setups with heavy lenses.  It attaches in the same way as the stock strap that came with your camera, so basically any camera that has a set of 10mm webbing slots or rings will work!  Click here for more info.

How strong is it?

We have designed these straps to be worn all day with the heaviest pro DSLR setups so you can rest assured they are strong enough.  If you are looking for a weight I have attached 50kg (115lb) of weight to a camera without the strap breaking, but I hope your camera is not that heavy!  

Personalisation Options

Any of our full leather camera straps can be personalised with a name or even a logo! 

The personalisation is achieved by hot pressing the letters into the leather resulting in a timeless look and feel.

You choose the embossing options on the product page as you are adding the strap to your cart.

  • Choice of three fonts - Block, Times or Cursive
  • Multiple Colour/Finish options 
  • Prices starting from just AUD$20 for initials only

Click here for detailed information and videos about our personalisation options

Lucky Camera Straps Personalised Leather Embossing for Photography Gift

Leather Description

***Please note, this leather can feature some very noticeable markings which occur naturally and really add to the character of each individual strap.  Check out the product images for some examples of what they could look like***

Both sides of this strap are made from our new Ocean Blue leather.  It is slightly stiller out of the box but will soften quickly with use and become your shoulders best friend.
The finish is full of character already but this will also get better and better each time you wear it.

Standard 53 Design

This design was our first camera strap and is by far our most popular strap of all time!  The 'Standard 53' is wider, longer and handmade from soft leather so that you can carry your DSLR all day without getting sore.

Unlike our Simple range, the body of the Standard 53 is actually two pieces of leather which is glued back-to-back and stitched together for a lifetime of durability. We then add our embossed end pieces which are also glued and stitched to connect the 10mm webbing ends to the main body.


COVID-19 Update

We are thankfully able to dispatch orders as normal at the moment.  Please be aware that unforeseen shipping and customs delays may occur on international orders.  Please choose the express shipping option where possible to minimise the chance of delays.

Handling Times

In stock straps will be dispatched in 1-3 business days.

In stock straps with text embossing will be dispatched in 1-3 business days.

Custom Logo straps can take 3-5 weeks before they are dispatched so please contact us before ordering if you have a specific date you need if for.

Shipping Prices - Listed In Australian Dollars

  • All the prices below are listed in Australian Dollars - AUD$10 is approx. US$6-7
  • All Australian and New Zealand orders are sent via Australia Post Standard and Express Services
  • Most International Express orders are sent with DHL and are estimated to be 3-8 business days not including any customs delays.
  • Standard international orders are sent via the postal network and include tracking to most countries. Average delivery times are 2-4 weeks.

Lucky Straps Shipping Prices

If applicable, please be aware of your countries import taxes (such as the VAT in UK and EU) and duties as you will be responsible for paying any of these types of fees before you can pick up your parcel.

Shipping times (not including handling time)

Standard - 2-5 business days
Express - 1-3 business days 

USA and Canada
Standard - 1-3 weeks
Express - 3-6 business days (not including customs delays)

New Zealand
Standard - 2-6 business days
Express - 2-4 business days

UK and Europe (please look out for notices regarding pickup and VAT taxes)
Standard - 2 to 4 weeks 
Express - 5 to 8 business days (not including customs delays)

Rest of World (tracking not available to all countries)
Standard - 2 to 4 weeks
Express - 6-12 business days (not including customs delays)


Warranty and Returns

30 Day No Questions Asked Returns

LIFETIME Common Sense Warranty on Workmanship

For more information about warranty and returns please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
K.A. (Thompson, CA)
Super Comfortable, Quick Release Weird with Canon cameras

Bought a long strap with quick release ends. It's super comfortable with a full-frame DSLR, battery grip, and a heavier 70-200mm hanging off of it. It was exactly what I needed. The nubuck is soft with no bite or rubbing on my neck, and the extra fuzzy grip keeps things a little less chaotic if you're, say, cycling around your city with your camera.

The only caveat is if you own a Canon, consider just getting the regular fastener, and getting the Peak Design adapters if you really want the convenience. The quick-release straps fit through the holes, and it's fine once they're through, but getting them through that one recessed loop on the right side of Canon DSLRs can be a pain. Rethreading my stock Canon strap feels more convenient, especially if your fingers are freezing or if you can't see.

Peter Hawke (Sydney, AU)
Thanks so much

Great products - I first ordered the standard 53s around 4 years ago for my DSLRs, and the were so good I ordered new ones when I converted my kit to mirrorless. Excellent leather products, beautifully produced.

Jim Woldanski (Sault Ste. Marie, CA)

Best Strap I have ever owned comfortably holds a Nikon D7500 with a 200 to 500 zoom lens!!

Sonya H. (Marion, US)
Awesome strap!

I love my new camera strap in dark mocha. It’s a beautiful color. And the strap is comfortable and supple.

Gavin (Chicago, US)
Really, Really Good

Stats: Standard 53 in "Long Version" in Chestnut, Green stitching (love it,) no personalization, and I opted for the quick release (happy I did)

For me, this was one of those things that I did not know I needed it until I used it for the first time. I use a Canon 7D Mark II with a 100-400mm II. All in all, my rig weighs in around 5lbs//2.5kilos. It's a lot to ask of my scrawny little arms to carry such a heavy piece of equipment for extended periods of time, and the Canon stock strap is not really conducive to comfort. The Standard 53, however, really nails it out of the park with its high quality leather and 2" wide design. I seriously cannot emphasize enough just how critical it is to have a strap that is wider than the width of a stock strap. 2" really distributes the weight nicely over your shoulder and keeps fatigue at bay.

My inaugural trip with my strap was to Shenandoah National Park. Over the course of a 2 mile hike, I utilized the strap cross-body to hold the camera. I was happy I opted for the "Long" version, as this put the camera at a good height to be walking. The adjustable straps were very useful and not difficult to use (Justin's Video on YouTube is very helpful and walks you through both the installation and adjustment stages.) The camera had minimal swinging around as I walked, and I felt very confident that the strap would hold up and not drop my camera. The integrated locks that are on the strap are also a nice feature and are easy to use. That webbing that the straps are made from is some serious stuff- look up the video on YouTube of Justin trying to cut it. This gave me peace of mind when I took the Camera to Washington DC several days later. The following week, I went to Mammoth Cave National Park with my 7D Mark II and a Canon 24-70mm III. Still pretty heavy, so the strap really came in handy, especially with all the walking in the cave. I used to bring my camera backpack on walks/hikes, but now, I think those days are over. I leave the bag in the car and just but the strap over my shoulder. This is extremely liberating, and helps me stay cool. It is utterly wonderful not to have anything on your back as you are trying to integrate yourself into the forest around you.

I need to take a moment to point out the benefit of "chestnut" in particular. If you know you want a strap that slides well against your clothing, chestnut is a great pick. I wear both cotton and polyester shirts, and my strap does not stick very well to my clothes. Personally, this is essential, as I want the strap to slide as I pull the camera up to my eye for a quick shot. My friend came on the trip to Shenandoah with me, and had just purchased the strap in "Mocha" as well. Mocha is a beautiful color, and still slides well, but chestnut might be better if you are looking for the best in side-ability. I reached out to Justin personally for his advice on this, and this is how I came to this conclusion on what to buy for myself.

Definitely, definitely take their word that if you are above 5'7, you will want the long strap, provided that you're looking for the cross body function.

The last thing I will mention is durability. The strap definitely obtains "character" quickly, but this does not mean that you need to baby the strap at all. Just be aware that it is indeed genuine leather and will behave as such. You will start to see lines in the material if you fold it. It will react to the sun. I have not gotten it wet, so I cannot speak to how it responds to liquid. Just be aware that it will start to change appearance soon after you start to use it.

TL;DR: Get it, especially if you don't have anything better than the stock strap. Great for walking around. Shipping with DHL was fast (I had free express shipping.) Cheers.

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