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Classic Camera Strap Range

The straps that started it all, these are our most popular straps for working pros and passionate amateurs. Crafted with two pieces of 1.4mm thick leather glued and stitched back to back, this range of straps offer both comfort and durability with a fast break in period. Unlike many leather camera straps on the market including our own Simple Range, this style of construction features ‘top’ leather finish on both sides of the strap.

  • Standard 53 - Our first ever camera strap and still a favourite! Wide and comfortable, perfect for the heaviest kits.
  • Classic 40 - The goldilocks strap, not too wide and not too thin. This is the best all round strap in our range for mirrorless and DSLR.
  • Slim 30 - Thin but still comfortable, a great choice for lighter cameras like crop sensor mirrorless and micro 4/3.
  • Classic Wrist - A favourite for videographers and vloggers, keep your camera safe without a strap getting in your way. Pair with any of the above straps to swap to when a full strap might get in the way.

All of the straps in this range can be personalised and ordered with our new Quick Release System.

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