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Standard 53 - Dark Brown Mocha
Jim Woldanski (Sault Ste. Marie, CA)

Best Strap I have ever owned comfortably holds a Nikon D7500 with a 200 to 500 zoom lens!!

Cotton 50 Camera Strap - Vegan Black
Peter Mcardle (Melbourne, AU)

Really happy

Need to buy more cameras!

That is how much I love this strap. I need an excuse to pick up a few more in different colors! The quality is unbeatable and the patina is really starting to pick up the more I use it. Use it with a Nikon D850 and heavy lens and it works great. The only thing better than the strap is the customer service. My experience has to be in the top 3 best customer service experiences I've had. If you are on the fence about purchasing a strap, pull the trigger. You most certainly won't regret it!

Deluxe 45 Padded Camera Strap - Black/Wine Leather
Danny Broadhurst (Palm Coast, US)
It's delicious.

All of my Sony Alpha cameras are secured with lucky straps. Functional elegance and comfort backed up by superior customer service. Shooting events for the Observer has me up and down and all over town, and the deluxe 45 has never let me down. If you wear expensive cameras for hours on end, then this is the strap for you. It's right at home on the street, or in the ballroom. Safe, snug, secure and suave.


Very durable product so far. Carrying a 60-600 Sima sport lens and Nikon Z7 without any issues. Thanks for amazing product and customer service. BTW, I purchased a second one for my son:)

Slim 30 - Vintage Black/Wine
David O. (Los Angeles, US)
Slim 30

first impression when opening the box,... the smell of natural leather! The leather feels like it's been worked, it's not too hard or soft. And the attention to detail is appreciated, notice the red stitching is only on the black side and not the wine color. It pairs perfect with my LeicaQ2.

best camera strap ever

I love this strap, it's so comfortable to wear, the quick release feature is fantastic and the personalisation is perfect!

Slim 30 - Classic Chestnut Brown
Sherman Watson (Melbourne, AU)
Great Camera Strap

This is my second strap, went with the standard Slim 30 to complement my long length simple 40. Love the quality and the added personalisation. Lucky straps make a great product and back it up with great service. Thank you.

Standard 53 - Dark Brown Mocha
Sonya H. (Marion, US)
Awesome strap!

I love my new camera strap in dark mocha. It’s a beautiful color. And the strap is comfortable and supple.

Slim 30 - Matte Black
EDDIE JOHN KRISTENSEN (Allerød Municipality, DK)
Lucky camera straps

can it become a little softer

Looks great, wears better!

I've been eyeing them off for a while, but couldn't justify the $$$, finally got one as a present and I would highly recommend to anyone who will listen; well worth the $$$.
Fashionable enough to wear with any outfit, but comfy enough to wear all day; glad I made the switch, my old strap I would get sore after a couple of hours.

Wrist Strap - Antique Brown
Mark Adams (Fort Mill, US)
Brilliant, simple, and functional.

I’m not a fan of camera manufacturers creating advertising banners and calling them camera straps.
This strap is simple and elegant.

Classic 40 Camera Strap - Olive Green
Lauren Sadler (Melbourne, AU)
Lovely quality strap

Love the colour and the softness of the leather - very comfy around my neck. The quick release system is great :)

Wrist Strap - Olive Green
Lauren Sadler (Melbourne, AU)
Love this wrist strap

I love this wrist strap - it looks stylish and is made of soft leather. The quick release system is great as I regularly like to change/remove straps from my camera.

Simple 20 - Tan
Matthew B. (North Liberty, US)

Beautifully crafted strap. High quality leather. With traditional ends, strap has no metal to scratch your gear. Long length fits perfectly (cross-body) around my 6'0" frame. This strap is perfection. I've ordered 2 more.

Super high quality strap!

I've bought many camera straps over the years but this strap from Lucky Camera Straps is by my favorite. High quality materials and superb workmanship - what more can you ask for?

Simple 20 - Tan
f.s. (Melbourne, AU)
great strap for nikon z6

great strap feels good looks good and is good
fast delivery quick release system best ive had so far you cant go wrong
very happy with it.

Really, Really Good

Stats: Standard 53 in "Long Version" in Chestnut, Green stitching (love it,) no personalization, and I opted for the quick release (happy I did)

For me, this was one of those things that I did not know I needed it until I used it for the first time. I use a Canon 7D Mark II with a 100-400mm II. All in all, my rig weighs in around 5lbs//2.5kilos. It's a lot to ask of my scrawny little arms to carry such a heavy piece of equipment for extended periods of time, and the Canon stock strap is not really conducive to comfort. The Standard 53, however, really nails it out of the park with its high quality leather and 2" wide design. I seriously cannot emphasize enough just how critical it is to have a strap that is wider than the width of a stock strap. 2" really distributes the weight nicely over your shoulder and keeps fatigue at bay.

My inaugural trip with my strap was to Shenandoah National Park. Over the course of a 2 mile hike, I utilized the strap cross-body to hold the camera. I was happy I opted for the "Long" version, as this put the camera at a good height to be walking. The adjustable straps were very useful and not difficult to use (Justin's Video on YouTube is very helpful and walks you through both the installation and adjustment stages.) The camera had minimal swinging around as I walked, and I felt very confident that the strap would hold up and not drop my camera. The integrated locks that are on the strap are also a nice feature and are easy to use. That webbing that the straps are made from is some serious stuff- look up the video on YouTube of Justin trying to cut it. This gave me peace of mind when I took the Camera to Washington DC several days later. The following week, I went to Mammoth Cave National Park with my 7D Mark II and a Canon 24-70mm III. Still pretty heavy, so the strap really came in handy, especially with all the walking in the cave. I used to bring my camera backpack on walks/hikes, but now, I think those days are over. I leave the bag in the car and just but the strap over my shoulder. This is extremely liberating, and helps me stay cool. It is utterly wonderful not to have anything on your back as you are trying to integrate yourself into the forest around you.

I need to take a moment to point out the benefit of "chestnut" in particular. If you know you want a strap that slides well against your clothing, chestnut is a great pick. I wear both cotton and polyester shirts, and my strap does not stick very well to my clothes. Personally, this is essential, as I want the strap to slide as I pull the camera up to my eye for a quick shot. My friend came on the trip to Shenandoah with me, and had just purchased the strap in "Mocha" as well. Mocha is a beautiful color, and still slides well, but chestnut might be better if you are looking for the best in side-ability. I reached out to Justin personally for his advice on this, and this is how I came to this conclusion on what to buy for myself.

Definitely, definitely take their word that if you are above 5'7, you will want the long strap, provided that you're looking for the cross body function.

The last thing I will mention is durability. The strap definitely obtains "character" quickly, but this does not mean that you need to baby the strap at all. Just be aware that it is indeed genuine leather and will behave as such. You will start to see lines in the material if you fold it. It will react to the sun. I have not gotten it wet, so I cannot speak to how it responds to liquid. Just be aware that it will start to change appearance soon after you start to use it.

TL;DR: Get it, especially if you don't have anything better than the stock strap. Great for walking around. Shipping with DHL was fast (I had free express shipping.) Cheers.

Simple 20 - Cognac
Francis Stellitano (Jupiter, US)
Good/Excellent Stuff

This strap is excellent and I feel complete confidence with it holding my camera and lens which is worth thousands of dollars. It is very comfortable and the inside or B-side of the leather is smoothed such that it slides over your clothes without dragging. There are zero problems with this strap.

If I had to to do over again, I would have chosen a wider strap.

Standard 53 - Vintage Black
Adrian Liu (Sydney, AU)
Classic and stylish

Truly form and function. The strap was purchased for my new Canon R6. It is beautifully made and the special quick release is not only handy but Very secure. I love the simply understated look of this much needed accessory.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
K.L. (Melbourne, AU)
Great gloves for photography that do what they say they'll do

Serendipitously I had just had a wet and cold photography experience in the You Yangs when I came home to find that Lucky Strap was stocking Vallerret photography gloves. A quick pass through some online reviews and I purchased the Markhof v3 in Medium. They basically do what they say they are going to do - the grip on the palm keeps your camera firmly in hand, the flip back finger tips get held in place by magnets and let you get on with using your camera, and everything just works together really nicely in (Melbourne grade) cold weather. I've had them out in just below freezing temperatures, and it was fine, but I wouldn't want to go much lower than that without an additional layer.
For sizing, the chart and guidance provided here on Lucky Strap seems to be on point - I was in the middle of the range for M, and they fit snug and firm though without any dramas getting them on and off. Recommended.
(as an aside, one quick trial in the car shows that I can't wear these while driving - the grip on the palm made smooth steering a chore - so they aren't an all in one solution for all cold weather uses)

Awesome strap

The long strap is the perfect length for me, I can pull the tensioners to their shortest for over neck carry or their longest for cross body 1 shoulder carry. Great quality leather that's soft and strong and looks amazing. The quick release tensioners are very easy to use if I want to switch out for a wrist strap and look sleek and leave nothing behind on the camera. The leather colour also fairly closely matches my Red Wing Iron Rangers (Amber Harness).

Wrist Strap - Vintage Black
J.B. (Melbourne, AU)

My wrist strap arrived today and I could not be happier. I read the reviews on this site and thought that if they are at least 50% true then I'd still be getting a good product. No need to aim low - this is an amazing item and this really comfortable straight out of the box. Attached to the camera it just exudes quality and security - which is what you want when you have many thousands of dollars hanging off the end!
Great Aussie product and it was delivered in 24 hours from the order. Well done guys and thank you!

Classic 40 Camera Strap - Antique Brown
Ann Edwards (Melbourne, AU)
Excellent Straps

My husband wanted two of these straps and he's now so rapt. Look great, are great.

Wrist Strap - Black/Wine
Mick Warren (Sydney, AU)
Wrist strap

Hi all the Lucky wrist straps is so well made and so comfortable, I just can't stop using it on my Fuji Cameras.
Keep up the good work.

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