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Lucky Camera Straps was born out of my search to find a camera strap that allows me to carry a pro sized camera body with a 70-200 2.8 all day without hating my life. It needed to be longer to allow it to be worn across my body instead of around my neck, and wider to spread the load better.  While there were a few options on the market already, they all looked like military equipment and I wanted something that looked great and suited my life!  

I found a great factory in my hometown that has been making leather products for the music industry for over 30 years.  Together we drew sketches, created a lot of prototypes, drank an insane amount of coffee and created our first strap the Standard 53!  We torture tested the first run, giving it to some of the roughest photojournalists, sports photographers and wedding photographers we could find (including myself)!Once we knew it could handle the most epic photographic adventures we started making them and have not stopped since!  

I didn't realise that by making a more comfortable camera strap I would actually create something that connected me to camera, motivating me to take it everywhere and capture more of this amazing world!

Who am I?

Justin in Cambodia

I am a full time wedding photographer and I love going on adventures, taking my camera everywhere I go.  I live in Bendigo, Australia with my dog Ted.  He comes to work with me everyday, keep an eye on our Instagram stories and you will get to know him!  

Lucky Camera Straps

He even comes out in the freezing cold to pose in night sky selfies with me!

Justin and Ted Lucky Straps Night Sky


Justin Snowboarding
Justin in Japan
Justin Snowboarding in Japan
Lucky Camera Straps
Lucky Camera Straps

Alongside Lucky Straps I run a photography business with my business partner Jim.  He took some of the images on this page and came on this years adventure to Japan! Before we joined forces he was a full time news photographer for 6 years.  You can check out our work below!

Bendigo Wedding Photographers - Justin and Jim

I would love to hear from you and check out your photography too :)

Thank you so much supporting the little guy!

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