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Deluxe 45 Padded Leather Camera Straps

The best camera strap we have ever made. 

Internal padding, supple upholstery leather and hand rolled edges combine for the ultimate all day comfort.  Add our Quick Release System with Anti-Theft Safety Lock and Cut Resistant Dyneema webbing and you finally have a camera strap that is worthy of carrying even your most loved (and expensive) photography gear.


The Best Camera Strap Ever Made

This is best camera strap we have ever made. 

Internal padding and rolled upholstery edges for the ultimate all day comfort.  Based on the profile of our Classic 40 this strap is the perfect width for a Mirrorless camera but with supple padding for carrying the heavy premium lenses available with newer full frame and medium format systems.

Every Deluxe 45 camera comes standard with our Quick Release System allowing you to attach and detach the strap in seconds leaving nothing on the camera.  It also has Anti-Theft features like cut resistant Dyneema webbing and a safety lock.

The Deluxe 45 is designed for high end and professional systems used by discerning photographers that want the ultimate camera strap.

You can even personalise it with a name or logo and add a matching Quick Release Wrist Strap with exactly the same colour-way as your Deluxe 45 strap.

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