Choosing the Best Camera Strap Size for You

Choosing the best camera strap size for you and your gear can seem a little tricky, but once you have use a comfortable camera strap that fits properly you will never go back!

This guide will walk you through the process step by step so that you can confidently order the right camera strap.

If you are still unsure about upgrading your strap, check out this article about 'Why You Should Upgrade Your Camera Strap'

All of our strap styles come in the same two lengths, Regular and Long Length.  It doesn't matter if you choose our thinnest strap, the Simple 20 or our widest the Standard 53, the lengths are the same throughout the range.

Choosing the right width strap is a little less straightforward as it comes down to personal preference combined with the weight of the gear you are carrying.  A heavier camera/lens combo will be more comfortable with a wider strap whereas lighter cameras really only require a nice thin strap.

Video - Which Camera Strap is Best?

This video below will run you though all of our sizes, or scroll down to see images of straps on three very different sized people!

Different Camera Straps for Different Photographers

To make things easier, three of us here at Lucky put on basically every size combination of strap!

Scroll down to see all the images or read on for from tips on finding the best camera strap for you.

Here are some quick tips for choosing a length:

  • Regular Length is best for almost everyone for using around your neck of hanging from one shoulder.
  • Regular Length also works well for across your body if you are under 165cm (5'5") tall.
  • Our Long Length is 25cm longer than the Regular and is the right choice for wearing across your body if you are over 165cm tall.
  • We do have a Short Length that is only available in the Simple 20 and is only suitable as a neck strap on light cameras.
  • Wrist Straps are one size fits all.

Here are some quick tips for choosing a width and style:

  • Every size strap we make is strong enough to carry very heavy gear.  We have tested the Standard 53 to over 50kg (115lb)!
  • Our straps in order from thinnest to widest are Simple 20, Slim 30, Simple 40 and Standard 53.
  • The Simple Range is made from one thick piece of leather whereas the Slim 30 and Standard 53 are two pieces of thin leather glued back to back.
  • Choose a wider strap for the most comfort when carrying heavier lens/camera combos from long periods of time.
  • Choose a thinner strap for less bulk especially when shooting with lighter mirrorless and film cameras
  • Our Slim 30 and Simple 40 are great all around straps that we have personally used on all day shoots with everything from pro sized DSLR's to compact mirrorless cameras.

If you would like to see the specifications for all straps on the same page you can right here.

Will it Fit My Camera?

All of our camera straps are designed to fit the standard 10mm wide rings or slots on most camera systems.  This includes our new Quick Release System.

Lucky Camera Straps fit most cameras

Here are some common camera systems that our straps definitely work with:

  • Canon Cameras - All DSLR and Mirrorless Camera with Interchangeable Lenses  (Excluding the EOS M6ii)
  • Nikon Cameras - All DSLR and Mirrorless
  • Sony Cameras - All DSLR and Mirrorless
  • Fujifilm Cameras - All Mirrorless including X-Series and Medium Format
  • Olympus - All Mirrorless
  • Panasonic - All DSLR and Mirrorless
  • Almost all 35mm Film Cameras

Here is a page with videos showing exactly how our straps fit various cameras.

If you are unsure if your camera will fit please contact us and we can help you figure it out. 

Straps on Different Sized Photographers!

Just incase you are still a little unsure, we decided to put a heap of straps onto three very different sized people so you can see what they look like!

  • The Fazz (Laura) - This legend is the one that makes sure you get your order as quickly as possible!
  • Justin (me) - Founder of Lucky Camera Straps and possibly the worst person in front of a camera, ever....
  • Jimbo (Jim) - We needed someone super tall, and he also happens to be the best photographer in town!. I don't know if there is anyone that has spent more hours with lucky straps on his shoulders!

 The Fazz

Short Length (Simple 20 Only) - Regular Length - Long Length

The Fazz's favourite strap is the Slim 30 in the Regular Length!


Short Length (Simple 20 Only) - Regular Length - Long Length

Justin uses almost every model of strap on different cameras, but the Simple 40 in the Long Length has been the most commonly spotted.


Short Length (Simple 20 Only) - Regular Length - Long Length

Jimbo only used the Standard 53 in the Long Length.  Either across the body or hanging off one shoulder, he shoots around 50 weddings a year with two bodies and heavy lenses!

Short Length 

Regular Length

Long Length

Simple 20

Slim 30

Simple 40 

Standard 53

Ted The Dog



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