Personalized Custom Camera Straps

We are excited to announce new personalization options along with lower prices so that it's easier than ever to customise your boutique leather camera strap and accessories!

Custom Camera Strap with Personalisation Brown Leather

Create Your Own Custom Camera Strap

You can choose anything you like to go on a strap, a name, an inspiring quote, a business name or even a logo.  It is pressed into the leather with heat and extreme pressure creating a great look and feel.  The best part is that it is done in house by our team right here in Bendigo.

First choose if you want plain text embossing or a custom logo on your strap:

  • Text Embossing is our most popular option.  It is available in 3 standard fonts and now starts from just AUD$20 and ships within 3 business days.
  • Custom logos can be basically any design you want, the cost is AUD$115 and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Express shipping to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Australia is available.

All of the information for Text Embossing is on this page, for information on Custom Logo Embossing please CLICK HERE.

Here is a video that runs through all of the embossing options or scroll down for more info and images.

 Text Embossing Options:

  • Text is positioned in the bottom left corner of the main body of the strap
  • You can also choose to have embossing on both ends of the strap
  • You can now choose from 12 different finishing options (see images below)
  • Choose from three different fonts: BLOCK, Times and Cursive (see below)
  • The fonts are traditional bookbinding fonts so there are very limited symbols so unfortunately no there are no emojis, diacritics/accents or @#/_%\ available.  We do have common punctuation such as !-,.?&'$ 

Text Embossing Prices:

  • Initials (1-4 Characters) AUD$20
  • Text (5-18 Characters) AUD$30
  • Text (19-36 Characters) AUD $40

You can now add embossing when choosing your strap, before you add it to the cart.  Simply select the embossing options you want on the product page and then add the strap to your cart.

The standard text embossing is performed with traditional type sets that are used in book binding.  Each letter is selected and set in in the block, the heated and finally pressed deep into the leather of your strap.

     *Orders with text embossing will take 2-3 business days to be processed after the order is placed, then they will be shipped.  Orders with custom logo embossing will take 15-20 business days before they are shipped.

    **Please note we unfortunately cannot take returns of embossed straps unless there is an issue with our workmanship.

    Check out these Instagram posts from our awesome customers all over the world!

    All of our latest font and colour combinations

    Dark Brown Mocha Leather

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Dark Brown Mocha

    Desert Tan Leather

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Desert Tan Leather

    Chestnut Brown Leather

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Chestnut Brown Leather

    Olive Green Leather

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Olive Green Leather

    Antique Brown Leather

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Antique Brown Leather

    Black Leather - Simple Range

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Black Leather

    Tan Leather - Simple Range

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Tan Leather

    Cognac Leather - Simple Range

    Custom Camera Strap Personalisation Cognac Leather


    Some Custom Straps We Have Created

     Custom Camera Strap Gift

    Custom Brown Leather Camera Strap

    Custom Black Leather Personalized Camera Strap

    Custom Brown Leather Camera Strap

    Black Leather Camera Strap with Personalisation

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