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Video - Choosing the Best Size Camera Strap

Which Size Camera Strap is Best?

One of the most common questions we get is 'What size camera strap should I buy?'  
The most common answer is, it depends....  

This is because there are so many variables that go into finding the perfect size Camera Strap:

  • What is the average weight of your camera and lens combo?
  • How do you like to carry your camera? (Across your body, one shoulder, around your neck)
  • How tall are you?
  • Do you prefer the look and feel of a thin or thick strap?

In this video Justin (Founder - Lucky Straps) runs through some popular camera setups and discussed his favourite strap options for them.

We also have a detailed guide on choosing the best camera strap here:

Guide to Choosing the Best Camera Strap

Need Help Choosing a Camera Strap?

As always, if you need help choosing a camera strap please reach out and we can help run you through the options we have available

We also have some helpful buying guides:

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