Our new Anti-Theft Quick Release System

Russell Ord talks through the new Quick Release System and how it helps him use different camera systems, water housings and tripods seamlessly.


Justin (Founder - Lucky Straps) explores the design philosophy along with all of the features of the new Quick Release System.

Quick Release for Canon Cameras

Our new Quick Release System even fits Canon cameras like the new EOS R5.  Check our the video below to see how easy it is to attach and detach a handmade leather camera strap from cameras like the EOS RP, EOS R5 and 5D mk IV.

Cut-Resistant and Anti-Theft

We have always loved the fact that our camera straps don't attract attention like the bright logos on stock camera straps.  This has made carrying expensive cameras in many countries all over the world much easier.

Our new webbing takes this a step further by preventing 'cut-and-run' theft.  This new webbing was made exclusively for us  by a specialist manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia.  It is made from Dyneema® which is quite simply one of the worlds strongest fibres!

Here is a video we made of a 'cut test' compared to a stock camera strap.

Now available across our entire range of camera straps!

  • Attaches and detaches in seconds
  • Fits any camera with a 10mm ring or slot connection (thats almost every camera)
  • Leaves nothing on the camera - requires no dongle, clip or buckle 
  • Super strong, we tested it with over 50kg (115lb) - see below
  • Anti-Theft features for safe travel
  • Cut and abrasion resistant Dyneema® Webbing - we tested this too, see below
  • Safety Lock 
  • Rapid Length adjustment
  • No bulky hardware on the body of the strap
  • Still the most comfortable leather camera straps, made right here in Australia!

Quick release camera strap GIF 

Quick Release Anti-Theft Leather Camera Straps

Our custom engineered Alloy Clips allow you to quickly attach and detach your camera strap during shoots.  This is extremely handy when using tripods, gimbal stablisers and water housings.  The unique design of our clips also allows for rapid length adjustments without the need for bulky adjustment hardware on the main body of the strap.

To complete the design we integrated a safety lock so that you know your camera is secure from unintentional detachments. 

To round out our anti-theft features is the design of our Alloy Clip with safety lock.  While some other quick release straps aim for simple one handed detachment we wanted to make sure this strap was fast and easy to detach but not easy enough for a thief to remove your camera in a crowd. 

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