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The Benefits of a Leather Wrist Strap For Cameras

A leather Quick Release wrist strap is by far one of the ultimate ways to attach a camera. There are many benefits of a leather wrist strap for cameras. Some benefits are practical measures, while others contribute to the security and longevity of the strap.


Leather Wrist Straps

When looking for the best leather wrist strap for your camera, you need to make sure you get the right size. Here at Lucky Straps, we offer a range of DSLR leather wrist straps and smaller wrist straps for Mirrorless cameras. Once you decide what strap is right for you, you should consider the biggest benefit of personalizing your leather wrist camera strap. Unlike nylon wrist straps, Lucky Cameras leather wrist straps offer the ability to emboss your logo, a word, or your initials directly into the leather.

A Leather Wrist Strap Beats A Kit Strap

Every point and shoot, DSLR, and digital mirrorless camera includes a camera strap in the box. However, the quality, convenience, and comfort of kit straps are often substandard compared to a quality leather wrist strap for cameras. Kit straps tend to be made from synthetic materials that don’t breathe and are short-lived. As a result, you’ll be replacing your camera strap in no time at all.

A high-quality leather camera wrist strap is made from high-quality materials that look and feel amazing. Natural leather ages gracefully and retains its character with every knick, crease, and mark adding to the patina. Kit straps are not made from quality materials and, as a result, are harder to keep clean. And let’s face it, they look bland and lack character. 

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a new digital mirrorless camera or a retro medium format film camera, the last thing you want to do is attach a rubbish camera strap. With a DSLR leather wrist strap gracing your new camera, you’ll turn heads. 

Wrist Straps Offer Greater Comfort For Agile Shooting

Camera straps come in different shapes and sizes to suit a range of shooting styles and photography needs. Many photographers start with a kit strap usually intended purely for around the neck. However, when carrying a bulky camera and lens combo, a neck strap can start to cause considerable neck pain. It’s especially the case if the strap lacks comfort support or is made from synthetic materials. 


Leather Wrist Straps

A leather camera wrist strap secures comfortably around your right wrist and features a short length to keep the camera close to your hand. A DSLR leather wrist strap is an ideal choice for photographers and videographers who love to shoot on the move or prefer to always have their camera in hand. Sports, wildlife, and even wedding photographers opting to shoot with a single camera and zoom prefer the flexibility and agility of a leather wrist strap. 

Not only is the natural leather comfortable, but it will also breathe naturally, not become slick with sweat, and keep the camera in hand at all times. What’s more, the process is fast and efficient if you wish to take the camera wrist strap off to store your camera in a bag. 

Smaller and More Discrete

While some photographers love the showy Canon, Nikon or Sony branded straps; many prefer a smaller, more discrete leather wrist strap. A leather camera wrist strap is intentionally smaller as it is only required to circle the wrist once and then provide a short length of material to the camera. As a result, leather wrist straps are far more discrete and do not draw attention to themselves like showy kit straps.


Leather Wrist Straps

There are times when you want to keep your gear discreet to not draw attention to yourself. It’s essential when traveling to destinations where discretion is essential for your safety and that of your gear. A small and more discreet leather camera wrist strap is also preferred when shooting genres such as street photography and photojournalism. 

Another benefit of working with a smaller leather wrist strap is that it doesn’t take much room in your everyday carry or travel bag. Long straps tend to get tangled and caught up in headphone cords and phone chargers. However, with a smaller wrist strap, you can drop your camera in your day bag and avoid the hassle of wrapping a strap around it first. 

Made To Last a Lifetime

If you are after quality, then leather is the way to go. A full-grain leather will last around 100 years, meaning your leather camera strap will outlast your lifetime. There are some things you will need to do thoroughly to maintain the quality and integrity of a leather wrist strap. To maximize the look, we recommend taking care of your leather Lucky Camera Strap by keeping it out of wet weather. Plus, you will want to use a specialized leather conditioner from time to time.


Leather Wrist Straps

It’s also important to remember that high-quality leather will patina and age over time without losing its appeal or style. It’s the creases, knicks, and marks on a leather camera wrist strap that tell a story about your travels with camera in hand.

Keep Your Camera With You for Greater Security

While you may feel safe at home, it’s a different story in many countries. Theft, unfortunately, is a real problem you will have to face when traveling abroad. Thieves target tourists with expensive cameras hanging around their necks. Generally, one of their accomplices will try and distract you while the other uses a sharp implement such as industrial scissors to cut the camera strap. The moment happens so quickly you don’t have time to notice your camera has disappeared into a crowd.

Leather Wrist Straps

A leather wrist strap is ideal to combat this type of theft. By having the camera in your hand at all times, you greatly reduce the risk of becoming a target and losing your precious gear. Wrist straps have a small tether making them a perfect option for keeping your camera strap lightweight and discreet. However, if you do want to opt for a neck strap, we highly recommend obtaining a thief-resistant design such as the one featured on our Lucky Straps Quick Release system.

Buy Leather Wrist Straps from Lucky Straps

As discussed throughout this article, the benefits of a leather wrist strap make for a more comfortable experience. We highly recommend adding a wrist strap to your kit as they offer flexibility, portability, and security. Visit our product page to learn more about our full range, plus take a look at our Instagram account to give you an idea of the sorts of personalization options people choose.

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