The 5 Best Canon EOS R5 Review Videos | Why I'm Switching Back to Canon!

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Well the Canon EOS R5 is shipping to photographers all over the world and it is certainly causing a stir in both photography and video circles.  

We were lucky enough to partner with Canon Australia on the launch of the R5, creating an awesome limited edition deluxe leather strap for the first 800 pre-orders.

I have personally been researching everything I can about this camera as I have been waiting for it to pull the trigger on my switch back to Canon!  I originally first started shooting Canon but switched to Nikon around 5 years ago as my business parter Jim shot Nikon and it made sense for our business to use the same kit.

I'll be writing a detailed article on my switch from Nikon to Canon, and DSLR to Mirrorless but for now here are 5 of the best Canon EOS R5 review videos I have come across during my research.


Gordon Laing gives a great photography specific review of the EOS R5

With all of the hype about 8k video specs, it's great to see a review dedicated to the epic photography capabilities of this camera.


Peter McKinnon hands on with the Canon EOS R5

Peter may be supported by Canon but he knows his gear and certainly has the most entertaining review videos.  He offers plenty of info on the video and photo capabilities of the R5.



Dan Watson puts the R5 and R6 head to head specifically looking at video specs

This is a great video breaking down specific video formats, overheating times and most importantly which camera will suit your need best.


Gerald Undone goes over the both the R5 and R6

This is an awesome review of both cameras, packed with info!


DPReview reviews the EOS R5

With both photographers and videographers in mind this review touches on all of the important aspects of the R5.


Are you looking at purchasing the new Canon EOS R5?

Stay tuned for more articles documenting my switch back to Canon including building a lens kit for the RF mount.

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