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Creating the Limited Edition Canon EOS R5 Camera Strap

Earlier this year we were approached by Canon Australia to created a limited edition strap for a project they were working on.  Now it's always exciting when we here from someone at Canon, but we have worked with them in the past on a few things so it wasn't out of the ordinary to get a phone call like this.

All that changed a few weeks later when we found out that the project was for the release of the new Canon EOS R5 in Australia, and they wanted us to create a strap specifically for that camera!! I had already been following the online rumours and I knew this camera was going to be a game changer, so to be asked to take on something like this is most certainly one of the highlights of my journey with Lucky Straps.

We made 800 straps that were bundles with the camera for the first 800 customers that ordered the EOS R5 in Australia and New Zealand.

Check out this video to see behind the scene footage of how we made the Limited Edition Canon EOS R5 Deluxe Strap:

Now while this strap was only available with the purchase of a pre-ordered EOS R5 in Australia, we will be releasing into our range in the coming weeks.

It will be called the Deluxe 45 and will come in an awesome range of colours and will even feature our new Quick Release System.  They won't have the Canon logos on them, but you can certainly put your logo on them if you like!

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Canon EOS R5 Leather Camera Straps


Canon EOS R5 Leather Camera Strap

Canon EOS R5 Leather Camera Strap

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  • I just received my Canon EOS R5, I love the limited edition strap but unfortunately learned of it a bit to late. Will there be any offering of this strap or one like it in the near future?

    Jerry Monile
  • Hi Guys, I have the pleasure of owning the limited edition Canon R5 camera strap. This has too be the best camera strap I have ever used in my 45 years with Canon Camera’s. I feel very proud when I take my Canon R5 out with your Australian made limited edition Strap attached. Well done Guys👍😀👍💯

    Bryon Samuels
  • Waiting on the new design

    Neil Mahomed
  • Hey Jason,
    Yes when we release the Deluxe 45 strap range they will have no Canon logos or branding on them. Sorry for the confusion!

    Justin - Lucky Straps
  • Hi. I’m wondering whether the “deluxe 45” version of the canon eos r5 strap will be completely devoid of the “canon” and “eos r5” text in red gold foil embossing. The phrasing included on this site is a bit ambiguous. Thank you.

  • Love the strap, can’t wait to see it.

    Ed Plaskon

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