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Custom logo straps


If you want the ultimate personalization, you can choose the Custom Logo option, which enables your logo to be hot stamped into the leather of your new Lucky Camera Strap. 

With a huge selection of beautiful leather camera straps and wrist straps on offer, you’re bound to find one that fits your style. If you are unsure which product, you should visit the range overview page for all the details.


Why Emboss Your Camera Strap? 

Investing in branding is one of the best ways to market yourself. There’s no way better than to wear your logo on your sleeve or around your neck! When you purchase a Lucky Camera Strap, you have the unique option to make your personalized camera strap.

While this costs more than our regular text embossing product, it’s certainly worth the investment. Whenever you are working at a wedding, event, or job site, onlookers will be able to see your branding. It’s a form of in-direct marketing that also looks amazing. For that very reason, it’s why we see a growing number of photographers and cinematographers adding this option to their cart.

What We Need To Emboss Your Design on a Leather Camera Strap

The first step is to add the embossing option to the cart along with your camera strap or wrist strap purchase. Then, we ask you to please send us a copy of your design at the highest resolution, ideally as a vector, PDF, or similar file.

Once we receive your file, we then spend some time in our workshop to machine a metal template of your business brand, signature, or other design. Upon completing the masterpiece, it’s a matter of using the template to emboss into the leather on your new camera strap or wrist strap.

Embossing doesn’t stop there, though. If you decide to obtain your brand as an embossed design, we can use it on multiple products. While this does occur at an additional cost of $15, it’s worth doing if you are thinking about getting a matching mouse padfield note journal, or passport and card wallet.

Personalization Camera Straps Are Recommended For

Professional Photographers, Videographers, and Cinematographers

If you’re running a photography or videography business or want to promote your social media channels, a personalized brand is an ideal marketing tool. Others will notice your leather camera strap and custom design while out on a job, assignment, or even just enjoying some free time with your camera. 

An individual design promotes your business while showcasing your sense of style with a gorgeous leather camera strap. What’s more, if you’re operating a photography business with a few photographers and videographers, make the most of your design to emboss a series of leather camera shoulder straps and wrist straps. Elevate the visibility and appearance of your brand to attract more inquiries and leads. 

Gift Givers

Another great use of the custom design embossing on Lucky Straps leather camera straps is for a gift. If you have a photographer in your life who wants for nothing, buy them a custom leather camera strap with an inspirational quote, nickname, or even their signature embossed. But why stop there? Emboss their custom design into a Lucky Straps mouse mat, field notes journal cover, or a passport or slim card wallet. A premium leather camera strap with custom embossing is the ultimate gift that any visual creative will cherish.

Where We Create Your Custom Camera Strap Design

Once we’ve received your order for custom embossing on your Lucky Straps leather camera shoulder or wrist strap, we get to work making it. The leather camera straps are all manufactured in Bendigo, Victoria (Australia), and the custom brand design you uploaded is sent to our machinist in Australia to create. Once your custom metal plate is ready, it is returned to our Lucky Straps headquarters in Bendigo for the final stages. 

With your leather camera shoulder strap or wrist strap ready to go, we emboss your custom design into deep leather. Then, depending on your specifications, we either leave the embossing blank or fill it with one of our eleven foil colors. The finished results are stunning and make the custom mark leap from the Lucky Straps leather camera strap. 

How Long Does It Take To Get an Embossed Camera Strap?

Please get in touch with us for pricing on bulk strap customization and embossing.

Due to the involved process of having your embossing converted into a metal stamp and the strap then made, orders with custom embossing will take 4-6 weeks before they are shipped.

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