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Personalize your strap

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We are excited to announce new personalization options along with lower prices so that it's easier than ever to customise your boutique leather camera strap, camera wrist strap and accessories!

At Lucky Straps, we are all about creating beautiful hand-crafted leather camera straps for photographers, videographers, and visual creatives. Lucky Straps leather cross body camera straps are strong (due to the nylon webbing), comfortable, highly versatile and will last a lifetime. What's more, they look amazing thanks to high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. But why stop there? We take it another step further to offer a wide range of customisation options to offer truly unique and bespoke custom leather camera straps.

The process is simple, and you can personalise as much or as little as you want. You have complete creative control to subtly add your initials or go large with a custom business logo embossed on your leather neck strap.  Our goal is to create the best camera strap for each individual photographers needs and personal style.


You can choose anything you like to go on a camera strap, a name, an inspiring quote, a business name or even a logo. The best part is that it is done in house by our team right here in Bendigo, Victoria. It is pressed into the leather with heat and extreme pressure creating a great look and feel.


At this stage, you should select the type camera strap and colour of leather you want your logo or text to be featured on. There are a total of eight different leather styles to choose from, with five of them being in our Classic Range and three of them being our Simple Range of camera straps. To view the full range of our quick release camera straps, check out the following link, which outlines each straps features and style.


First, choose if you want plain text embossing or a custom logo on your leather neck strap or wrist strap. The number of characters varies with three different options:
• One to four characters for those who want to emboss their initials. 
• Five to eighteen for customers who wish to emboss their full name, or 
• Nineteen to thirty-six to emboss your favourite photography quote.
The best bit is that we take the personalisation a step further by offering three unique fonts. Depending on your personal style, the kind of gear you like to carry and your approach as a photographer or videographer, the right font is essential.

The standard text embossing is performed with traditional type sets that are used in bookbinding. Each letter is selected and set in in the block, then heated and finally pressed deep into the leather of your strap. Choose from any of the three following fonts:

• Block font appears as strong and bold all-caps text. 
• Times font is a classic newsprint-style text that looks clean and polished on leather camera straps.
• Cursive font adds a stylish appearance to any leather style across our complete leather neck strap range. 
To further expand on the personalisation options, you have the following choices when embossing your Lucky Straps leather camera strap: 
• Embossed text is placed in the bottom left corner at the end of the main body of the adjustable length leather strap. Text is positioned in the bottom left corner of the main body of the strap.
• We provide the option to have the text embossed at both ends of the strap or just the one. 
• You can also choose to have embossing on both ends of the strap.
• All three font options are traditional bookbinding fonts with some limitations on the available symbols. 
• Unfortunately, we cannot include emojis, diacritics/accents or @#/_%\. However, we can include standard punctuation such as !-,.?&' $.

It is important to note we, unfortunately, cannot take returns of embossed straps unless there is an issue with our artistry.


Aside from providing a wide range of text embossing options, Lucky Straps offers a truly custom leather neck strap experience. If you're a working photographer, videographer or enthusiast visual creative, embossing your mark on a strap is the ultimate personalisation.

Your mark can be anything from your sweeping signature to a business logo. As a result, clients and prospective clients will see that you're serious about your craft when you show up to your next job. It's a handy way to promote your business while on the job or even just out and about with your camera for fun.

Where text embossing uses reversed type-face to emboss, custom embossing takes it to the next level. Here's a breakdown of the process:

• Shop our site for your preferred Lucky Straps quick release leather neck strap or wrist strap.
• Select your leather finish, style and Quick Release system.
• Select Custom Logo as your style of the personalisation.
• Upload an image file containing your signature, business logo or another brand mark.
• We have a precision-craftsperson who machines a reverse plate with your logo. 
• We then press your logo into the leather camera straps / camera wrist strap while applying your choice of foil. 
• The process takes a little longer (up to four weeks), but the outcomes are worth waiting. 
• We hold onto your custom logo embossing plate in case you want to create additional straps and accessories. 

For more information on custom logo embossing your Lucky Straps neck strap, check out our dedicated page here


Now that your text or logo embossing is locked in, it's time to decide what colour you want them to be. The range of eleven foil options is extensive and does require some pre-thought.

We recommend viewing the sample images below, which will give you a visual reference of what each foil option looks like when embossed across several types of leather. If at this stage you don't want a foil fill on your leather neck strap, or wrist strap then we do have a Blind option to consider, which doesn't have a colour fill.


Don't forget to check out our YouTube video where Luck Straps founder Justin takes us through the full customisation options. Justin explains the differences between text embossing and custom logo embossing. He also demonstrates the font styles, fill colours and placement on the adjustable length camera strap. Here is a video that runs through all the embossing options or scroll down for more info and images.

Embossing Fonts and Foil (Colour) Combinations

Lucky Straps offers a unique selection of fonts and foil colours to provide photographers and videographers with creative choices. Below is a selection of the latest fonts and colour combinations offered at Lucky Camera Straps. Our Bendigo workshop is kept busy year-round creating custom embossed looks for photographers and videographers worldwide.
Types of Fonts Available To Emboss
The choice of fonts says a lot about how a visual creative wants to capture their name, initials or favourite photography quote. Block font is bold and punchy and speaks of confidence. It works well with shorter phrases such as initials. Times is stylish, informative and takes after the style of photojournalism publications. It works well when wanting to place your first or full name on the leather neck strap. And finally, cursive is flowing and has a classic vibe that is ideal for more extended inspirational photography quotes. 
•  Times
•  Cursive
Foil Types Available To Emboss
Blind embossing high-quality leather looks fantastic as the edges of the embossed text patina over time to softly blend with the leather grain. Blind embossing also delivers a nice looking contrast between the leather surface and the recessed text. Beyond that, Lucky Straps offers 11 foil colours to fill the embossed text. Foil colours make the embossed text pop and stand out - it's available for both text and custom logo embossing. With the range of leather colours and foils colours, you can create a truly unique neck strap or wrist to match your style, taste and profession. 
Leather Options To Feature Your Personalized Embossed Text or Logo
At Lucky Camera Straps, our range of our best camera straps and wrist straps are extensive. We offer you the ability to choose the type of leather in combination with personalization. Below is our full range of leather types, along with sample text that indicates what each foil colour looks like.
Dark Brown Mocha Leather
Dark Brown Mocha Leather is one of the darkest tans in our range, with the second being Cognac Leather. If you are looking for a stealthy look, choosing a dark foil in combination with a font format will give you the best result. Alternatively, if you want the embossing of a name or logo to stand out, we highly recommend you go with a lighter foil such as silver, white, gold rose.
Desert Tan Leather
Desert Tan Leather is a popular choice amongst photographers and videographers that want a light-looking leather adjustable length camera strap. It's our lightest leather finish in the range. The nubuck leather properties of the Dessert Tan Leather provides a soft and smooth surface. As a result, embossing achieves a subtle finish when opting for the blind or non-filled press. We love the look of either the white or silver foil embossing. Opt for one of the eleven foil fills if you want to add a little punch to your leather neck strap.
Chestnut Brown Leather
Chestnut Brown Leather is a classic leather finish with a nostalgic and classy look. Like Desert Tan, Chestnut Brown Leather is typically smooth and soft yet ages gracefully and takes on its own character. Blind embossing with Chestnut Brown Leather results in stronger contrast between the leather surface and embossed elements. It's both subtle and stylish. However, if you want to add a little colour to your strap, any of the foils look great, but Gold and Rose Gold stand out. If you're shooting weddings or corporate events, we recommend the Chestnut Brown Leather.
Olive Green Leather
The grainy texture of our Olive Green Leather is a standout favourite amongst creatives. Similar to the Dark Brown Mocha, choosing a lighter foil will give you stand out results. However, for photographers wanting a subtle look, then we can recommend either a Black Foil that reflects the light in a minimalist way. Alternatively, if you want a straight leather look with no foil fills, we recommend a Blind emboss.
Antique Brown Leather
Much like a pair of leather boots, Antique Brown Leather camera straps look amazing. They are especially great when paired with a retro film camera to maintain that classic aesthetic. Given that it is a heavier colour, it also looks on broader straps carrying a larger DSLR camera. The Times or Cursive fonts are the most popular and look great blind or with a lighter fill colour when it comes to embossing. For the best camera straps look we encourage Rose Gold, Pink and Copper Foil to achieve a subtle outcome as they are the closest to the colour of the leather. For a higher degree of contrast and impact, we love the look of Lilac or Silver Foil.
Black Leather - Simple Range
The first in our lineup of Simple Range leather camera straps are our Black Leather. Featuring a smooth matte finish, the Black leather is a bespoke look. We encourage a white foil for a timeless embossed look, or you can customise the visual appeal with any of the other nine colour foil fills on our best camera straps.
Tan Leather - Simple Range
A close comparison of Desert Tan Leather, Tan Leather offers less of a grain and a smoother finish. You'll find this strap is one of our most popular due to the lighter tones provided in comparison to Black Leather and Cognac Leather. Having a lighter strap colour offers the opportunity to utilize any of the foil types without compromising the logo or text from being lost. Each design will stand out with this choice.
Cognac Leather - Simple Range
Like the drink, Cognac is smooth with a glossy overtone. The matte finish makes this a beautiful base for your text or logo. In our opinion, black on black is an excellent option if you want a subtle look. Otherwise, opt for a foil fill to stand out from the crowd. If you wish for a distinguished look, then try envisioning a Gold Foil, Silver Foil or Copper Foil in conjunction with Cognac Leather. Either option will trump generic camera strap manufacturers like Peak Design or BlackRapid.

Some Custom Straps We Have Created

At Lucky Straps, we've been making the best camera straps for years. Not only do we strive to create the very best leather camera straps, but we also deliver the best personalisation options to make every strap unique. Having a bespoke and personalised neck strap attached to your best camera is your way of setting yourself apart. What's more, Lucky Straps leather camera straps are durable, comfortable, unbreakable, and will last a lifetime. 

Personalisation Camera Strap Pricing: Text Embossing and Logo Embossing

Text Embossing is our most popular personalisation option. This custom service is available in three standard fonts and now starts from just AUD$20. It is by far our fastest option and only takes three business days from production to shipment, making it an ideal choice for photographers or videographers in a hurry.
Text embossing can also extend from one character through to thirty-six, which provides flexibility when customising your initials, full name, business name or quote. The prices for each character or logo option are:
•  The most basic embossing option of 1 to 4 characters is only AUD$20.
•  Extending from 5 to 18 characters will add AUD$30 to your cart.
•  The maximum text option ranges from 19 to 36 characters and will cost AUD $40.
•  For a complete custom look, we can add your logo from an image file for only AUD $115.

    Personalised Camera Straps Shipping Options

    The good news is we offer express shipping to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, plus Australia. If you choose text embossing, we can start shipping after three business days.
    Orders with a custom embossed logo will require some additional time from 15 to 20 business days before shipping commences. When you place your order, you will be able to monitor its progress throughout the shipping process.
    For a comprehensive guide on shipping costs, plus how COVID-19 may affect international shipping, we encourage you to read our Shipping, Returns and Warranty information.

    Are You Personalizing a Camera Strap For a Gift?

    If you are thinking of buying the best camera strap and personalizing it as a gift for a loved one or friend, we have written an extensive guide for you. Within the guide, you'll get an excellent overview of which camera strap is best for the type of photographer or videographer in your life and the way they take their camera around. It's well worth a read as it will give you clarity over each model we manufacture and the process we go through to make a custom camera strap.

    Make a Personalized Adjustable Length Camera Strap Your Own

    Remember, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then your gear should reflect your business and personality. Avoid straps that you can't personalise such as Peak Design or their wrist strap Peak Design cuff. Instead, think about the style you want to share when presenting your craft. By adding embossing to your leather quick release camera strap, you pave the way to make it your own. Regardless of embossing your Lucky Straps quick release leather camera strap with text or with a custom logo, you'll make your mark in style.

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