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Why You Should Always Take Your Camera When You Travel

2020 was a difficult year in so many ways.  Hopefully over the course of 2021 our travel opportunities will begin to come back and we can once again explore the world.  In this article we cover how important it is to not just bring your camera, but to use it on your adventures, even if it is just visiting somewhere close to home for now....

Travelling the world or even your neighbouring state can be such a memorable event. Often when on holidays, we are witness to dozens of fun, unique, spiritual and uplifting experiences. Have you ever been on holiday and thought to yourself that you would remember this forever? Or have you returned from holiday only find that you cannot remember the name of a place you visited? 

It happens to all of us, and despite our best intentions to keep the memory alive, it just won't happen. We return home and get back to our busy lives of work, family and commitments. As a  result, those memories soon fade and what's worse is that the holiday vibe rubs off far too quick. 

Why you should always have your camera when you travel

So it should go without saying that if you are packing your bags in anticipation of travel adventure, it's essential to pack your camera. The reasons why you should always take your camera when you travel are countless. But at the end of the day, it comes down to preventing those lost memories. 

With a camera always on you, you can capture and record any and every precious memory for eternity. 

Record A Visual Travel Journal

Holidays should be fun adventures packed with incredible experiences. But holidaying with a camera grants you a golden opportunity to record those times, places, events and interactions in exciting and unique ways. 

The best way to handle travel photography is to have your camera with you at all times. With a camera, a couple of spare batteries and an extra memory card, you can visually journal your way around the world. 

You should always take your camera when you travel

Treating your camera as a mechanism for faithfully documenting where you went, when you went there and what you saw and did is easy. When out and about shooting while on travels, photograph everything - your hotel building, town signs, street signs, the weather, the people, and of course the sites. 

This way, you can later piece together your actual journey and easily recall details such as locations and activities. With this approach, you avoid the issue of not remembering what day you did what activity.


Be Creative In Capturing Travel Photos

The best bit about taking a camera when you travel is that you have a brilliant opportunity for creative projects too. If you want to capture every meal, latte and beer you are served, then do so with your camera. If you're going to capture the fantastic old-world architecture of every European town your pass through, you can do it with your camera. 

Another creative pursuit while on travel is to capture a specific theme or even genre. For example, if you love people watching and seeing the locals interact with their world, then you should photograph it. You may find that you have a knack for street photography. 

Be creative with your camera while travelling

With a camera, you have a perfect reason to go and explore places you would otherwise not explore. Get out of bed early for a sunrise shoot and an adventure of explorations that you probably would have missed and slept through. A camera reminds you to stay out a little later for golden hour, sunset and blue hour - a special time to capture stunning landscapes, cityscape or street photography. 

A camera is often the perfect tour guide as you pursue interesting sites and scenes to capture. It can lead you on some incredible off-the-beaten-path adventures - be sure to stay safe.

Always Keep Your Camera Ready

While on holiday, we don't want to be bothered by heavy gear and a bag full of glass. I find it is always best to travel light and straightforward, especially when doing a lot of walking. A single-camera with a versatile zoom or even a wide prime will cover most situations. A wide prime makes you work for your shots by zooming with your feet - rather than stand at a distance and zoom. 


Always keep your camera ready when on travells

All too often, after walking city streets for hours with a camera in our bag, we are less likely to want to unpack it for a shot. However, with a quality camera strap securely attached to your camera, you can carry it all day without fuss. 

Lucky Straps is an Australian company that creates gorgeous leather camera straps. These straps come in a range of sizes and finishes but offer some pretty unique features including the anti-slice webbing and locking attachment clips. They are ideal for travel due to their safety systems and comfort. 

Keep your camera ready when travelling

Plus, with Lucky Straps, you can completely customise a strap with embossing. Aside from the aesthetics, Lucky Straps are incredibly comfortable to use and are available in shoulder and wrist straps to suit your style.

With a camera strap, you can have the camera at the ready at all times. There is no need to unpack your camera every time you see a shot - chances are you would miss it anyway. 

Creatively Unpacking Your Travel Photography

Once your holiday is over, and the good vibes start to diminish, you have a range of projects to keep it all fresh. I always find that when reviewing and editing my images, memories of those occasions awaken, and I sit at my computer, smiling like a fool. 

Use creative solutions to present your travel photos

As for what to do with such a large volume of images, the creative options are limitless. I would opt against an old-school slide show for the family - but there are plenty of other solutions. You could compile your images and create a hardbound photo book that can sit on your coffee table. If you are even feeling a little nostalgic or want to share your travels with friends, make a cup of tea and sit down to flip through it. 

Of course, there are the usual options of dropping your images onto social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. But rather than dumping them all on at once, consider posting a few every week. Not only will your friends appreciated not being bombarded, but you get to continue the holiday experience well into the year. 


Print your travel photos

One solution that I highly recommend is to print images. You don't have to print them all - unless you like to go old-school with a photo album. But I would certainly recommend selecting your best photo and having it printed large and even framed. That single photo can stand in your home as a testament to a memorable and fantastic time away.

Final Thoughts On Taking Your Camera When You Travel

The purpose of travel is to explore the world, gather new experiences and leave more knowledgeable than when you arrived. The key to holiday photography is to get your camera out and use it to aid in that purpose. 

You should always take your camera when you travel

Always take your camera when you travel to photograph everything. Worry about sorting through the images and editing later when you get home. Keep those memories and experiences alive and well for a long time to come.

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