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Taking Photos To Make The Most Of Your Daily Commute

Let's face it; 2020 was a terrible year for many reasons. But by far, one of the most significant impacts we met in 2020 was the inability to travel. In many regions, this impacted not only international travel but also interstate and in some cases inter-city travel. As photographers, one of our greatest joys is travelling to new destinations with a bag full of gear ready to document a unique experience or location. I don't know about you, but I found those restrictions incredibly debilitating on my creative mojo. Lockdown was also a nasty surprise and put me in a creative rut. 


Photographer in Snow Storm with Leather Camera Strap


And while we still face many restrictions around travel, life is slowly returning to normal. One of the most significant changes involves the ability to return to school or the office. So while travel is still off the cards, the ability to make the most of your daily commute is back. In this article, I want to talk about the creative possibilities of grabbing your EDCC before you head out the door to your job. On your way to work or school, you have a world of photographic possibilities


What Is An EDC...C?

lucky straps daily commute


EDC is an acronym for Everyday Carry, and in most situations, it refers to the select items that you always carry with you… every day. An EDC could include things like a wallet, card-holder, purse, key chain, pocket knife, favourite pen, notebook and bespoke water bottle. Take a look on social media sites, and even Pinterest, as EDC has a cult following. 


EDCC is an acronym for Everyday Carry Camera. It differs significantly from your standard kit that sits ready in a camera bag. You would carry at least one camera body in that kit - usually your biggest and best. Plus there would be an assortment of lenses, filters, batteries and much more. Carrying that to work every day on foot or the bus is going to be a drag - especially if you take a work bag too. Then there is the question of security, especially if you have nowhere safe at work to store your kit. Chances are you would leave your gear at home.


Best EDC Cameras

lucky straps daily commute


An EDCC is a smaller, compact and lightweight kit that is easy to transport. Ideally, your EDCC will be a point and shoot compact or a smaller mirrorless setup. The Sony RX100 VI, Fujifilm X100V or even a Fujifilm X-E3 with an XF 23mm F2 prime is perfect as an everyday carry camera. You can tuck them into your work bag and in some cases your coat pocket. These cameras are also ideal for street life shots for the same reasons. It is important to remember that you only need the camera with a fully charged battery and an empty SD. There is no need to pack tripods, filters or even spare batteries - it is quite liberating. 


Choose a Camera Strap It To Keep It In Hand

Leather Camera Wrist Strap


Having a camera slung around your neck or over your shoulder is fine but in my opinion, an EDCC should be in your hand at all times. Having the camera in your hand means you are ready and actively looking for inspiration and opportunity. The best way to manage a handheld camera is with a wrist strap. Lucky Straps make gorgeous handcrafted leather wrist straps in various sizes and finishes. A brilliant example is our Wrist Strap in Antique Brown Leather. What's more, you can fully customise your Lucky straps wrist strap with your initials, signature or a logo embossed. 


Shoot On Your Commute

lucky straps daily commute


Making the most of your daily commute is what this article is all about. Your daily commute is the time between leaving your front door and arriving at work or school. Basically, the place where you spend most of your time daydreaming about taking photos. That daily commute can take many forms, and there are opportunities in each of them to pull out your EDCC and take some shots. What’s more, the daily commute takes place around Golden Hour for most of us - that alone should be inspiration enough!


If you drive to work, it can be pretty tricky to grab some glorious sunrise shots through a smudged window while navigating traffic and balancing a Latte. Not to mention the risk involved in taking your eyes off the road to take a picture - don’t do that!. If you take your photography seriously, you should make it a habit to plan your commute just a little. Get yourself up thirty or even fifteen minutes earlier and leave enough time to stop along the way. If you car share, and it's your turn to be the passenger, wind down the window and challenge yourself to capture some stunning content. 


Travelling By Public Transport 

lucky straps daily commute


For those who take a train or bus to work, you have far less to worry about. While commuting, you can fully explore the photos you want to capture while on your trip. Budding street photographers can turn the train ride into a documentary of sorts. Discretely capturing rush hour may turn into a long-term project and is a great way to make you look for the shot. It is especially beneficial to stick to a theme such as the 'Daily Commute on the Hudson Line from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central'. Plus, you can still listen to your favourite podcasts while commuting and taking photos. Be sure to stay safe and adhere to any Covid-19 restrictions in your local area.

Going Walk About

lucky straps daily commute


Being out and about walking with a camera can be a delight and challenging at the same time. If you are lucky enough to walk to work, you can take the time to stroll with your camera in hand. Capture the suburban or city streets as they come alive in the morning and wind down in the evening. The same applies if you enjoy a short walk to either the bus stop or the train station before you make your commute. Finally, make sure to head outdoors during your lunch break to get out and take a stroll with your EDCC. Most importantly, try to mix up the route you take from time to time - this will keep it fresh. 


Daily Challenges As A Form of Motivation 

lucky straps daily commute


While we are not entirely free to travel to our creative heart's content, we can undoubtedly meet small daily challenges. By setting yourself a set of goals or even working towards a documentary theme, you can hold out until that trip to Japan is back on! That's likely to be my first destination when the madness is over. But in the meantime, pack your EDCC into your work bag or your coat pocket and make the most of your daily travels. Turn a typical week at work into a productive exercise in creating content and watch your stress wash away.

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