Our Best Selling Leather Camera Straps

The Most Comfortable way to carry your camera

Our new Quick Release System is available across our entire range of camera straps. 

As always they are made in Melbourne from genuine leather.

All of our camera straps are designed to be work across your body rather than around you neck.  

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How our new quick release system works

Over two years in the making.  In this video Justin (Founder of Lucky straps) explains the new Quick Release System in detail.

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Our New Anti-Theft cut resistant webbing gets put to the test

Our brand new Quick Release System features ultra strong and cut resistant Dyneema® webbing.  In this video we put it to the test!

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Russell Ord using our new quick release camera straps

World renowned surf photographer takes us through how he using the new Quick Release System with his various cameras.  

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In this article, we explore all there is to know about shooting your very first roll of film and what options you have for processing it.

How Photographing Sunset Can Improve Your Sleep and Overall Health

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Why You Should Always Take Your Camera When You Travel

In this article, we take a look at the reasons why you should always take your camera with you when you travel. Keep those memories and experiences alive and well for a long time to come.

Founder and CEO of SHOTKIT.COM

"Great quality hand made camera straps with unique features to suit both beginners and pros, with custom stitching and embossing options to really make each one your own. Highly recommended!" - Mark Condon -

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Free Express Shipping to United States, Canada Australia and New Zealand

We are currently offering FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on orders over AUD$80 (USD$56) to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  

Longer, Wider and More Comfortable

Our straps were created for adventures.  Getting the shot can take hours and there is nothing worse than having a sore neck after a long day for shooting!

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Made with Love

Our leather straps and accessories are made right here in Bendigo, Australia.  Our factory has been producing leather goods for creative people for over 30 years!

See How They Are Made

Tested in the harshest conditions

Every strap we have created was designed and tested by passionate photographers that use and abuse their gear in every corner of the world.
This is me (Justin - Founder of Lucky Straps) in a Japanese snow storm!

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