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lucky camera strap

Our Leather Camera Straps Are The Most Comfortable way to carry your camera

We have spent years refining our handmade leather camera strap range to be functional, great looking and extremely comfortable.

All of our camera straps are designed to be worn across your body rather than around you neck so you can carry your camera for hours without it becoming uncomfortable.

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How our new quick release system works on almost any camera

Our new Quick Release System is available across our entire range of leather camera straps. 

Over two years in the making.  In this video Justin (Founder of Lucky straps) explains the new Quick Release System in detail.

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Russell Ord using our new quick release leather camera straps with his medium format fujifilm kit

World renowned surf photographer takes us through how he using the new Quick Release System with his various cameras. 

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What Pro Photographers are saying about our leather camera straps

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