Lucky Straps believe that selecting the best quick release camera straps means more than just picking the best looking one. The right strap needs to have several boxes ticked to be the best camera strap for you. 

We all have different needs, from our camera gear and how we use it. Some photographers and videographers prefer a quality wrist strap. Others prefer a long shoulder strap, and then there are those that like a short length around the neck.

Best Camera Straps 

While we believe that our straps look amazing, they also tick the boxes for comfort, security, and convenience. But more importantly, Lucky Straps will last a lifetime and probably outlive your camera. As a result, choosing the best quick release camera straps is more crucial than ever. 

Choosing The Best Camera Strap Size For You

To support you in selecting the right strap for you, we've created this handy guide on everything you need to know to make the right choice. What's more, if you are still unsure about upgrading your stock camera strap, be sure to check out our article about 'Why You Should Upgrade Your Camera Strap'. 

The best bit is that Lucky Straps come in two lengths - Regular and Long Length. When adding your strap to the cart, you'll have several customisation options, including strap length. Regardless of choosing the Simple 30 or Standard 53, you can opt for a regular or long strap. What's more, the Simple 20 range includes a Short Length option for smaller and lighter cameras. 

The World's Best Camera Strap

In this guide, we provide assistance on which of the Lucky Straps range is best for the style of photography, videography or cinematography you shoot. Smaller gear requires a thinner strap, while larger and heavier gear demands a broader strap to distribute weight. 

Finally, we'll provide you with a size guide like no other - featuring the Lucky Straps team for true-to-live comparisons. That way, you can see exactly how each style and length of strap appears on our oddly shaped and sized models. What more could you ask for than a bunch of typical Aussies to show you how your strap will look on you?

If you would like to see the specifications for all straps on the same page you can right here.


For those of you that prefer a visual guide, we've created a YouTube video featuring Justin. Justin takes us through the process to choose the best Lucky Straps camera strap for you. He covers the styles of straps available in the range, plus what each is ideal for. Regardless of being tall or a shorty, Justin demonstrates how to pick the right strap length based on your height and carrying style

He also takes the time to demonstrate how to pick the best camera strap based on the type of camera you shoot with. He pairs straps with a compact mirrorless, a range of DSLRs, and even a large gripped pro-grade DSLR. At the end of the day, choosing the best camera strap depends on the size and weight of your gear, your height, and desired comfort you seek.

If you also want to know how best to attach your strap to the camera watch these videos.


There are many different photography and videography genres to master. Catering to all entry-level enthusiasts and professionals in these fields was a challenge, but we managed to develop what we think are the best leather camera straps in the industry.

To give you an idea, we recommend choosing a wider strap for the most comfort when carrying heavier lens or camera combinations for long periods. On the other hand, choose a thinner strap for less bulk, especially when shooting with lighter mirrorless and film cameras. Below is a guide on the best straps for each popular photography and videography genre to make things even simpler.

Travel Photographers Love The Length of Our Straps: Here's Why

Travel photographers need a couple of things from a strap. They need to know where their camera is at all times while still having it accessible to grab that shot. We always recommend wearing a strap cross body for security, making it impossible for the camera to leave your possession. 

The Best Camera Straps for Mirrorless cameras

Having a long strap such as the Simple 40 allows for it to fit any size of a photographer while still providing enough length to comfortably lift and extend the camera to your eye. Wearing the Lucky strap around your body is also the most comfortable way to carry a camera all day long. 

The Perfect Sized Strap for Wedding Photographers

Wedding and event photographers work long hours while carrying one or two camera bodies. A popular combo for wedding photographers is a pair of Standard 53 straps crossing the body. Not only is this comfortable, but the broad straps spread the weight of the camera and lens kits. 


The Best Sized Camera Strap for Wedding Photographers


When on the go throughout a busy wedding and reception shoot, the last thing you need is your gear dangling and bumping into things. With an adjustable strap that can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder, you can keep the camera close to your body. That way, it's out of harm's way while still being accessible.

The Ideal Length Camera Strap for Commercial Photographers and Medium Format Cameras

The larger the camera, the greater the physical demand placed on the photographer. Commercial photographers typically shoot with larger full-frame DSLRs and medium format cameras. The best strap to support such large cameras is a wider, regular length Standard 53. Aside from the wide strap distributing the weight better, the regular length is essential for long shoots. 

A hand made leather camera strap in use

A long strap means that the photographer has to over-extend to raise their camera to their eye. However, with a regular length strap, the commercial photographer always has the camera nearby. They don't have to over-extend to repeatedly bring the camera up to eye level. 

A Versatile Sized Strap Suitable for Cinematographers

Much like commercial photographers, cinematographers carry a larger camera and lens combos. Plus, their kits often include microphones and recording monitors. Such a heavy kit requires a strap that is both practical and comfortable to wear over long durations. Having the right size strap is essential regardless of the mass of the equipment. 

Many videographers and cinematographers prefer a longer strap worn around the neck or cross body. This way, with the camera held out, the strap becomes taught and acts as a bracing mechanism. It's a simple technique if you're caught out without a gimbal or tripod. 

The Best Discreet Size Camera Strap for Vloggers

Vloggers need a camera strap that doesn't get in the way of their creative productions. Holding a camera out at arm's length in selfie mode and then spinning the other way to capture content is tricky. A typical neck strap just won't work in that scenario as it will become tangled. By far, the best option for vloggers is a Lucky Strap wrist strap. 

The strap's fixed-length allows the vlogger to pass their hand through the strap's loop and close the loop for added security. Wrist straps come in two widths to suit the size, weight and comfort of your vlogging kit.

The Most Comfortable Leather Camera Straps for Landscape Photographers

Landscape photographers tend to spend a lot of time walking to their ideal location. As a result, they demand a strap that's both comfortable while supporting their camera and lens kit. The other requirement from landscape photographers is that it's easy to mount their camera to a tripod. Lucky Straps feature our quick release system to effortlessly attach and detach the strap from the camera. 

Camera strap for landscape photographers


Landscape photographers can quickly transition from carrying their camera on the strap to mounting it to a tripod in no time at all. Comfort and convenience is an essential element of every Lucky Straps solution. 

A One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Long Lenses and Wildlife Photographers

Carrying long lenses can result in back and neck pain if not done right. You can carry the camera and long lens cross body for optimal comfort with a longer Lucky Strap. Keeping the strap long allows the camera to sit against the top of your hip while the lens points down your leg. 

In doing so, the weight of the long lens balances across the shoulder. Plus, with the lens pointing down, it won't throw you off balance on the hike to your destination. Finally, with a long Luck Strap, the camera and lens are within reach to quickly raise it and capture wildlife on the run. 

Slimline Quick Release Camera Straps For Film Shooters

Lucky Straps have the strength and durability to support larger DSLR and medium format cameras. Lucky has the ideal strap for those who prefer to carry a lightweight kit such as a 35mm film camera. The Slim 30 is a highly comfortable, stylish and lightweight strap fit for retro film cameras. 

Slim 30 Leather Strap

With the regular length, the strap can be worn around the neck (the camera sits high on the chest). With a longer length, it can comfortably sit across the shoulder. Many film photographers love to loop their straps up and carry the film camera by hand too. Regardless of the carrying style, the strap has enough length to suit individual needs. 



We have all been in the situation when you view and order a product online without being confident that it will be the correct size. It often results in complicated returns policies and disappointment that your product doesn't fit. 

It's incredibly frustrating when product sites don't include a realistic size chart or other products to create a sense of scale. Choosing the right camera strap size is no different to buying a shirt - we all come in different shapes and sizes. 

The Lucky Straps team is a bunch of hard working Aussies. And, much like you, we come in a range of sizes. So let us introduce ourselves and tell you our heights. Plus, we'll provide you with several examples of how our range of leather straps look on each of us.


Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers


The Fazz (Laura) is 159cm or 5’2” tall. This legend is the one that makes sure you get your order as quickly as possible! The Fazz's favourite strap is the Slim 30 in the Regular Length!

Justin (Me) is 180cm or 5'11" tall. He is the founder of Lucky Camera Straps and possibly the worst person in front of a camera! Ever! Justin uses almost every model of strap on different cameras, but the Simple 40 in the Long Length has been the most commonly spotted.

Jimbo (Jim) is 190.5cm or 6'3" tall. We needed someone super tall, and he also happens to be the best photographer in town! I don't know if anyone has spent more hours with lucky straps on his shoulders! Jimbo only uses the Standard 53 in the Long Length. He shoots around 50 weddings a year with two bodies and heavy lenses either across the body or hanging off one shoulder!

Ted the Dog - His height is unknown and kind of irrelevant. But we love him anyway.



Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Short Length (Simple 20 Only) - Regular Length - Long Length

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

The Fazz's favourite strap is the Slim 30 in the Regular Length!


Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Short Length (Simple 20 Only) - Regular Length - Long Length

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Justin uses almost every model of strap on different cameras, but the Simple 40 in the Long Length has been the most commonly spotted.


Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Short Length (Simple 20 Only) - Regular Length - Long Length

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Jimbo only used the Standard 53 in the Long Length. He shoots around 50 weddings a year with two bodies and heavy lenses either across the body or hanging off one shoulder!

Understanding The Length and Size of Each Camera Strap

As a strap manufacturer, we understand everyone's body shape is different. That's why we make premium leather straps that are of different sizes and lengths that mould to you. The leather we use will soften, meaning the strap will become more comfortable to use over time. To give you an idea of the lengths, we offer four main types:

  • Short Length
  • Regular Length
  • Long Length
  • Wrist Straps

Short Lengths

These shorter length straps are designed to fit on lighter cameras. The range is called Simple 20 and is designed to wear as a neck strap.

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Regular Lengths

A regular length strap is designed for almost everyone. These are best for using as a neck strap or hanging over one shoulder. Regular Length also works well if you plan on wearing the camera across your body - especially if you are under 165cm (5'5") tall.


Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Long Lengths

If you are a big or tall person, then the long length is for you. We've designed this popular camera strap 25cm longer than the regular length. Choose a longer length strap if you plan to wear the camera across your body and you are over 165cm in height. 

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers

Wrist Strap

Unlike cheap and nasty wrist straps, we make only the best camera wrist straps here at Lucky Straps. Our premium design is one size fits all. You'll also notice our wrist straps are much wider than Peak Design models, so you get the ultimate comfort when wearing one.


Hands down, the best strap for mirrorless cameras and retro 35mm or 120 film cameras. 

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers


The Slim 30 is an excellent all-round strap that exudes personally! They are commonly used on all day shoots with pro sized DSLR's or compact mirrorless cameras.

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers


Do you have an assortment of gear? Then the Simple 40 is for. Catering to Medium Format cameras, sizable mirrorless cameras or the tangible DSLR, you'll find comfort with this hand-made strap.

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers


Nothing beats the original. Wider and more bespoke, the Standard 53 hangs comfortably and adds style to any videographer or photographer's arsenal (especially when it's personalised with your logo). Use this fitting strap for all types of cameras, including your next purchase! 

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers


What can we say, Ted's the workhorse here - he carries us, like our straps!

Camera Straps on Different Sized Photographers



The best straps are all unique in their leather design; however, they vary in length size. If you are unsure of what strap is right for you, consider the following guide. 

Know Your Camera and Your Carrying Preference

First things first, what camera do you use?

Are you using a mirrorless, DSLR, Medium Format or film camera? The reason why we ask is each camera and lens combination has a different weight. To give you an idea, every size strap we make is strong enough to carry very heavy gear. We have even tested the Standard 53 to hold over 50kg (115lb)! While each camera strap caters to heavier weights, widths vary.

We've done this so you can wear your strap in various ways, including as a shoulder or neck strap, cross-body or even as a wrist strap.

To give you an idea of the width, the following straps rank from thinnest to widest: Simple 20, Slim 30, Simple 40 and then Standard 53. When you combine this knowledge with the general guide on which strap is best for each camera, you should easily be able to find the best product:

  • Mirrorless camera - Wrist strap, Slim 30, Simple 40, Standard 53, 
  • DSLR camera - Simple 40 or Standard 53
  • Medium Format camera - Simple 40 or Standard 53
  • Film camera - Wrist strap, Slim 20 or Slim 30
  • Point and Shoot (Compact) camera - Wrist strap or Slim 30

Lucky Camera Strap with DSLR

There's also synergy with our straps and major camera brands, including:

  • Canon Cameras - All DSLR and Mirrorless Camera with Interchangeable Lenses (Excluding the EOS M6II)
  • Nikon Cameras - All DSLR and Mirrorless
  • Sony Cameras - All DSLR and Mirrorless
  • Leica Cameras - All Mirrorless
  • Fujifilm Cameras - All Mirrorless including X-Series and Medium Format
  • Olympus - All Mirrorless
  • Panasonic - All DSLR and Mirrorless
  • Almost all 35mm Film Cameras

Will You Be Travelling?

If you are planning on travelling and capturing the beauty of the world, then you must get a strap that offers security and strength. Look for a camera strap that has a Quick Release System with cut and abrasion-resistant Dyneema Webbing. This state-of-the-art technology, built into the strap, ensures you keep your camera attached at all times, and the thieves leave empty handed!

To learn more about our sort after straps, we recommend visiting our Quick Release System guide. All products are made to order, and the availability of all products can be seen on the product pages. Shipping information can also be found here.