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Simple 20 - Cognac
Customer (Brisbane, AU)
Quality Strap

Really love the quality of the strap, pairs quite well with Leica m2
I am pretty sure the strap is gonna age quite well with camera

Slim 30 - Vintage Black
Juan Martinez (Dundalk, IE)

This is the best camera strap i have ever used. The quick release system is great, really easy to use and not bulky at all like other straps. I highly recommend this product.

Slim 30 - Vintage Black/Wine
akki (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing handiwork and excellent quality

The strap with high-quality leather is soft, comfortable and looks perfect. The craftsmanship and embossing on the strap are outstanding. A matching Quick Release Wrist Strap is a classic addition to the purchase. Thank you Justin for quick responses to queries regarding the purchase and embossing. A happy customer who highly recommends the products!!.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Greg Gorter (Melbourne, AU)
Warm as Toast !

I bought these from Justin and the crew at Lucky Straps this year (2022)and tested them whist up at the high country in Victoria. All I can say is that they kept my hands as warm as toast without compromising on touch and suppleness.
The fit is true and they will give a little, but only slightly. Overall, another outstanding product at Lucky Straps ! Thanks guys :)

Simple 20 - Black
Simon Malik (Sydney, AU)
Great strap for my little Fuji

Got the slim 20 strap to accompany my Fuji X-T30. Straight out of the box, I was impressed with the quality of the strap and how easily you can use the quick release ends. Its a low profile strap so it can fit in most smaller bags without adding much bulk and takes minimal break-in time.

Slim 30 - Matte Black
Nina Dunn (Washington, US)

Beautiful strap…excellent quality!

Slim 30 - Olive Green
Bob Trlin (Sydney, AU)
A beautiful strap

I have a wider stronger Lucky Strap for day-to-day use. However, for OS travel, I wanted something more compact. I chose the "Slim 30 - Olive Green - Long Length / Traditional Ends". Olive green, because I spend most of the time in the bush. Long, because I use it across the chest. Traditional ends because I rarely detach it. The sticked straps are so much softer. I love it. It packs so well too.

Best Ever.

Classic, Comfortable, Strong, Supple, Quick & Secure.
I could go on, but simply, the BEST camera strap around.

Simple 20 - Tan
Zoe Smith (Melbourne, AU)
Simple 20 Tan strap

The quick release system is really great, the leather is lovely and the customer service was excellent!

Standard 53 - Desert Tan
K.A. (Thompson, CA)
Super Comfortable, Quick Release Weird with Canon cameras

Bought a long strap with quick release ends. It's super comfortable with a full-frame DSLR, battery grip, and a heavier 70-200mm hanging off of it. It was exactly what I needed. The nubuck is soft with no bite or rubbing on my neck, and the extra fuzzy grip keeps things a little less chaotic if you're, say, cycling around your city with your camera.

The only caveat is if you own a Canon, consider just getting the regular fastener, and getting the Peak Design adapters if you really want the convenience. The quick-release straps fit through the holes, and it's fine once they're through, but getting them through that one recessed loop on the right side of Canon DSLRs can be a pain. Rethreading my stock Canon strap feels more convenient, especially if your fingers are freezing or if you can't see.

Standard 53 - Matte Black
Peter Hawke (Sydney, AU)
Thanks so much

Great products - I first ordered the standard 53s around 4 years ago for my DSLRs, and the were so good I ordered new ones when I converted my kit to mirrorless. Excellent leather products, beautifully produced.

Simple 40 - Cognac
B.G. (Kalamazoo, US)
Perfect strap for my vintage Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars!

Yes, I did say binoculars! After some careful research, I purchases the Simple 20 strap in cognac leather with the quick release system in the short length option to use with my vintage 1926 Carl Zeiss Jena 8x30 Deltrintem binoculars! It fits and performs perfectly and is a stunning complement to these vintage beauties. Way more sturdy and comfortable than ANY modern or vintage bino strap and yet classy enough to mate with any binoculars with standard attachment lugs. I am extremely happy with my Lucky Straps purchase! I'm certain the birds will be looking at ME!

Standard 53 - Dark Brown Mocha
Jim Woldanski (Sault Ste. Marie, CA)

Best Strap I have ever owned comfortably holds a Nikon D7500 with a 200 to 500 zoom lens!!

Cotton 50 Camera Strap - Vegan Black
Peter Mcardle (Melbourne, AU)

Really happy

Need to buy more cameras!

That is how much I love this strap. I need an excuse to pick up a few more in different colors! The quality is unbeatable and the patina is really starting to pick up the more I use it. Use it with a Nikon D850 and heavy lens and it works great. The only thing better than the strap is the customer service. My experience has to be in the top 3 best customer service experiences I've had. If you are on the fence about purchasing a strap, pull the trigger. You most certainly won't regret it!

Deluxe 45 Padded Camera Strap - Black/Wine Leather
Danny Broadhurst (Palm Coast, US)
It's delicious.

All of my Sony Alpha cameras are secured with lucky straps. Functional elegance and comfort backed up by superior customer service. Shooting events for the Observer has me up and down and all over town, and the deluxe 45 has never let me down. If you wear expensive cameras for hours on end, then this is the strap for you. It's right at home on the street, or in the ballroom. Safe, snug, secure and suave.


Very durable product so far. Carrying a 60-600 Sima sport lens and Nikon Z7 without any issues. Thanks for amazing product and customer service. BTW, I purchased a second one for my son:)

Slim 30 - Vintage Black/Wine
David O. (Los Angeles, US)
Slim 30

first impression when opening the box,... the smell of natural leather! The leather feels like it's been worked, it's not too hard or soft. And the attention to detail is appreciated, notice the red stitching is only on the black side and not the wine color. It pairs perfect with my LeicaQ2.

best camera strap ever

I love this strap, it's so comfortable to wear, the quick release feature is fantastic and the personalisation is perfect!

Slim 30 - Classic Chestnut Brown
Sherman Watson (Melbourne, AU)
Great Camera Strap

This is my second strap, went with the standard Slim 30 to complement my long length simple 40. Love the quality and the added personalisation. Lucky straps make a great product and back it up with great service. Thank you.

Standard 53 - Dark Brown Mocha
Sonya H. (Marion, US)
Awesome strap!

I love my new camera strap in dark mocha. It’s a beautiful color. And the strap is comfortable and supple.

Slim 30 - Matte Black
EDDIE JOHN KRISTENSEN (Allerød Municipality, DK)
Lucky camera straps

can it become a little softer

Looks great, wears better!

I've been eyeing them off for a while, but couldn't justify the $$$, finally got one as a present and I would highly recommend to anyone who will listen; well worth the $$$.
Fashionable enough to wear with any outfit, but comfy enough to wear all day; glad I made the switch, my old strap I would get sore after a couple of hours.

Wrist Strap - Antique Brown
Mark Adams (Fort Mill, US)
Brilliant, simple, and functional.

I’m not a fan of camera manufacturers creating advertising banners and calling them camera straps.
This strap is simple and elegant.

Classic 40 Camera Strap - Olive Green
Lauren Sadler (Melbourne, AU)
Lovely quality strap

Love the colour and the softness of the leather - very comfy around my neck. The quick release system is great :)

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