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Slim 30 - Olive Green
Frank Rodriguez (Bay City, US)
It was amazing thank you so much

My girlfriend loved it thank you for makinh with so much love


I’m very happy with this purchase. It was on sale because the stitching apparently didn’t pass quality control for aesthetic reasons. I can’t see any issues at all and the strap is a certified winner. Highly recommended.


What a beautiful Fathers Day present we were able to gift my Dad. Beautiful leather (that leather smell! 😍), nicely presented, the monogramming looks wonderful, thank you for a quality product, that has very quickly been put to good use on its first holiday - sightseeing the little mermaid in Copenhagen! Very happy recipient!

Beautiful, comfortable, functional

After getting my dream camera, I was looking for the perfect strap to go with it. Because it's a very old film camera, parts of the rubber on the original strap had begun to disintegrate, leaving a gross, sticky mess.

I wanted something that would last so I could pass it on to my son one day. I wanted something that looked beautiful, but was also comfortable. And it would be a bonus if it was locally made.

I searched far and wide through different companies, Etsy, and finally landed on Lucky Straps through a recommendation on an Australian film group. I'm so glad I found these guys, because it fulfilled all of the criteria I was looking for! The strap feels comfortable around my neck and also slung across my chest and shoulder. It feels strong enough that I'm not afraid of dropping the camera. And of course, it's a beautiful deep brown leather; time will tell how it holds up, but the quality seems good and I'm excited to see the patina.

The shipping process was quick! I expected it to take a long time but it was with me within a week, even with the embossing. I got gold embossing, but I would recommend black -- I think it would look better on the deep brown! Regardless, I'm very happy with the work that was done and the strap that I've received!

Very Happy with Product

Absolutely love this camera strap!!! It is very comfortable to walk around with my Canon 5D Mark lll . Spent 4 hours walking around and shooting at the Chicago Botanical Gardens recently and was comfortable the whole time. Also wore it as cross body, which made it easy to access the camera whenever I saw a shot. Great product.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Scott Bray (Brisbane, AU)
Great gloves

I purchased these gloves just before heading to Alaska late last year. Great product, kept my hands very warm while still allowing me to operate my camera. Great quality and the gloves look great too.

Wrist Strap - Matte Black
Michael W Plant (Ilford, GB)
The Perfect camera Strap for a black Leica MA

I really love the quick release mechanism with The Lucky Strap as it has enabled me to create the perfect set up letting me switch easily between the wrist strap and the Camera strap on my new Leica MA camera. and the colours just work with the camera creating a low profile carrying option.

Amazing shoulder strap, wrist strap with some issues

I absolutely love the shoulder strap. It feels very high quality, it is super comfortable, and the quick release system is a great improvement. I can and will definitely recommend getting this if a shoulder strap is what you're looking for!

My thoughts on the wrist strap are a bit different. While it's also comfortable and great to use once your hand is in it, getting your hand through the loop is a challenge; the loop tends to curl to its smallest size, and you'll need both hands to make it bigger to get your hand through, which — to me — defeats the purpose.

NIcely built, but not a fan of the color.

Nicely built, Very comfortable, as are all lucky straps. The color is not my favorite, but as a one-off, it was all that was available. Unfortunately, also was only available in normal length, so not as useful as it could be. I'm still trying to find a use for it. Maybe useful in a gallery shoot or something like that where the side carry isn't preferred.

Tinden Photography Glove
Michael Leyden - Focas Fotography (Melbourne, AU)
Vallerret Photography Gloves

Fast delivery. Have used them already, (even up here in Qld) for my nightscape photography (Milkway photos) at -1° I was glad I had them.
I can leave the gloves on keeping my hands warm but at the same time being able to take multiple images for multi row panos.
Definitely come in handy in Canada & Alaska next year. Love them, highly recommend. 👍

Wrist Strap - Vintage Black
Louis Quirin (Melbourne, AU)
Lucky I found you

Recently I purchased one of your wrist straps for my Olympus camera.
As soon as I opened and inspected the item I knew it was of great quality, felt so good to use and looked great, so much so that I’m looking at the other straps on your website.
I do feel lucky thank you.

Standard 53 - Vintage Wine/Black
Philip Gordon (Brisbane, AU)
Super comfortable.

The strap arrived quickly and is super comfortable. I like the simple but effective quick release mechanism of the strap and the fact that there are no hard abrasive parts to damage the camera when you pack it into a camera case. Excellent

Fantastic Camera Strap

I purchased a Fujifilm X-T30 II for our trip to Germany to replace our aged Nikon D40. Needless to say the strap included with the X-T30 was pretty sad looking. I was somewhat worried about the security of my new camera while in Europe, so I started to look for a strap that offered security and comfort. After searching, I came upon Lucky Straps. We were leaving in a little more than a week and I was worried that the strap would not make it in time, so i purchased a "Perfectly Imperfect Sale" strap (because it was ready to ship) and with the expedited shipping, the strap make it with two days to spare (AUS to US).

So on to the strap, it is beautiful with solid construction. The quick release system is easy to attach, and more securely attaches the camera to the strap than a traditional system. The regular length was just the right size to hold the camera securely while carrying out on the trails, mountains and in town. The anti-theft features also allowed me to focus on enjoying my trip and not worrying about my camera being stolen. The green stitching also looks great. If you need a quality camera strap, invest in Lucky Strap.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
David A (Sydney, AU)
Great Gloves

Keeps my hands so warm and easy to fold the thumb and finger down on each glove when I need to be more precise. I am glad that I purchased these a great quality set of gloves that make camera work on the colder nights a doddle.

Tinden Photography Glove
Steve Chivers (Adelaide, AU)
Very high quality gloves and excellent customer service

I haven't tested these gloves out in real world conditions yet, but they are obviously extremely well made, and with merino wool lining and filling, I'm sure that they will keep my hands warm.

Importantly, the customer service provided by Lucky Straps was excellent. Their communication gave me the confidence to purchase these expensive gloves knowing that if they didn't fit, I would be able to post them back.

With regards to sizing, I went down a size (M to S) from the chart measurements as I preferred a very snug fit to increase my dexterity with the camera.

Excellent camera strap!

I had searched for a leather camera strap for a vacation in Europe. I was going to be four weeks in Spain, Portugal and England. I wanted as secure a strap as I could find and came across Lucky Straps about 13 days before my departure. I risked the order knowing it was tight timing to get from Australia to the US. But it arrived very quickly about 4 days before departure. Excellent shipping a service, tracked all the way.
I used the camera with the strap almost every day and nearly all day for many of them. It was comfortable all the time. Soft leather, looked good, didn’t advertise my camera make/model to the world. The easy connections to the camera body were excellent and gave a little extra security compared to many connectors. I would buy one of these straps for any camera I owned. Extremely satisfied after 4 weeks of continual camera use.

Simple 20 - Tan
Carl (Melbourne, AU)
Great product

Really nice camera straps. I have two of them now, one for my 35mm film camera and one for my medium format. Great quality, looks good and was super fast to arrive on both occasions. Thanks guys!

Beautiful, well-made strap

This is a really nice, well-made strap that is also very attractive. I really like the quick release design. It's quick to attach to the camera and quick to remove (and nothing stays on the camera once it's removed). It comes with that new car leather smell as well :-)

Standard 53 - Vintage Black
Barry Richter (Kalamunda, AU)
Camera Strap

Comfortable to use, even on a full day of walking. The length makes it easy to sling the camera across the body and within easy reach when required. Lucky camera staps fitted to my Nikon Z7 and Z8.

Killer Strap!

I came across Lucky Straps on insta and kept my eye on them.

Bit the bullet and grabbed the Deluxe 45 in Chestnut Brown - it is just super awesome. The quick release system is super sweet too.

A great Australian made product - Love you guys!


Useful luxury

Gifted this strap to my SO to complement her (Lucky Straps) wrist strap. There are times when the wrist strap is best, but for longer walks the Classic 40 (long) is the way to go - and the quick release makes the changeover easy. Well made, looks good, feels comfortable and makes photography easier.

Excellent product; excellent service

The Lucky Deluxe 45 Padded camera strap is beautifully crafted with high quality materials, and has proven itself comfortable and secure while attached to a Nikon Z8 camera with a telephoto zoom lens in city shooting and while hiking over rugged terrain in a nature preserve.

I was very pleased with their accuracy and promptness in fulfilling my order and with the speed with which their chosen shipping company brought the well-packaged strap to me in Texas. The whole process was as quick from Australia as ordering from the major New York camera stores with “expedited delivery”, while the Lucky Deluxe Padded Camera Strap is better than competing products available from those stores.

Slim 30 - Vintage Black/Wine
dblsplayer (Riverside, US)
Third Time is aCharm

I purchased the Simple 20 and Classic 40, both with the quick release to use on my full frame and Micro 43 cameras. I'm 5'11 and purchased the long length to wear cross body. The fit was good but not that adjustable so I never used either.

Also, although I do not really like the PD straps, I do like the quick clip system, and I like to switch between a neck strap and wrist strap. So....I purchased the Slim 30 with traditional ends in size regular, then added the PD clips. Perfect for me now. I have the great looking and comfortable Lucky strap and quick removal for changing to a wrist strap.

Wrist Strap - Black/Wine
eduard bousson (Ghent, BE)
the best

with my heavy gfx fuji camera very comfortable

Beautifully crafted!

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