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Gifts for Photographers: This Year's Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought it's a perfect time to release the best gift guide for photographers. While this year has been hard to get out and see family and friends, sending them a gift to let them know you are thinking of them is an ideal thing to do. The range of gifts below includes some essential accessories. Each item will keep your friend or family member photographing indoors or outdoors regardless of what's going on in the world. From microphones, filters, straps and monitors there's bound to be something that will make their (or your) day.

RØDE Wireless Go

Not many people know it, but RØDE is an Australian brand. Born out of Melbourne, this brand delivers some of the best microphones in the industry. Their stables include their pro series of microphones and their popular range of wireless products. The RØDE Wireless Go has made our gift list as it is such a small microphone system that's so versatile.

With a built-in transmitter, this smart gadget will connect directly to your camera with ease. This is regardless of the strong WiFi or Bluetooth signals that you may find yourself around. To use all you have to do is clip the in-built omnidirectional condenser microphone to a RØDE lavalier microphone. The sound quality produced from this 31g marvel is exceptional. This high level of quality recording is possible thanks to the broadcast-grade audio which is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4GHz (with 128-bit encryption) back to the on-camera receiver.


Rode Wireless Go


Aside from clipping on the transmitter, there's also an option to use it as a belt pack for a lavalier/headset microphone. If you opt to use this over a greater distance, RØDE also has you covered. With a line of sight range of 70m, you can record at length. Plus, with up to seven hours of battery life, this little gadget will keep on going for a full day's shoot.

The Wireless Go is the perfect fit for on-camera presenters, vloggers, YouTubers and filmmakers. So if you know of a friend or family member who loves to film then chances are they need this.

Lucky Straps Simple 20 - Tan

How do you find a gift for someone a little picky? Well, at Lucky we've thought of them. The Simple 20 in Tan is the ultimate strap for those creatives who know what they want but don't know what they want. Sounds confusing, right? Well, we've decided for them! Based on our feedback from photographers and videographers, the Simple 20 is a well thought out thin profile strap that's designed to meet the needs of the connoisseur working pro. With three different strap lengths, short, regular and long tailoring, the right fit is now a simple choice.


Lucky Straps Simple 20 - Tan


Adding to this, the team at Lucky has crunched the feedback to deliver two connection options. You can now choose from Traditional Ends or for the tactical creatives out there Quick Release Ends might be the better option. Street photographers and anyone using a vintage rangefinder will fall in love with this product. We've designed this Australian made strap to last as long as your camera. Plus with the anti-theft cut-resistant Dyneema® webbing and a safety lock for secure travel, no one will steal your camera while it's around you.

URTH The ND Selects Filter Kit Plus+

Yet another Australia company with a focus on encouraging and inspiring photographers to be in the great outdoors. Gobe, now transitioning to the new brand name URTH, kicked off with a simple but powerful vision. To create brilliant photography accessories while optimising the give-back to the environment. One of their most compelling statements speaks volumes about their ethos.

"With every purchase, you will be planting trees in areas affected by severe deforestation. Revitalising ecosystems and empowering local communities." 


URTH The ND Selects Filter Kit Plus+


URTH develops a comprehensive range of affordable lens filters, lens adapters and other camera accessories. You can purchase URTH filters in ND, Variable ND, Polarizing and effects as individual units or in bundled kits. They produce lens adapters for all major brands allowing you to pair even the most bespoke of classic glass. 

The ND Selects Filter Kit Plus+ is a professional level of ND filters selected by URTH as the must-have filters for landscape photography. The filters are built to a high standard with quality materials, and the kit includes an ND8 Plus+ (3 stops), ND64 Plus+ (6 stops), and ND1000 Plus+ (10 stops). Each lens in the range is treated with 20 layers of nano-coating to ensure that your lenses remain smudge and debris free while allowing optimal light passage. This kit alone is available in all standard filter sizes ranging from 37mm up to 95mm. 

These filters are ideal for photography and videography and come packaged with a pair of end caps so you can screw all your filters together with the exposed glass covered. This handy little pancake of glass makes an easy and essential gift for a photographer wanting to elevate their game. 

URTH Canon (EF/EF-S) Lens Mount to Sony E Camera Mount (Electronic)

URTH also produces an extensive range of lens adapters compatible with all current major brands of mirrorless and DSLR cameras. What's more, the adapters are suited to the current generation and some of the more classic brands of lens. If you are keen to try out some older Minolta, Praktica, Rollei and even Contax/Yashica, then URTH have the solution at an affordable price. With older vintage lenses, or just using lenses from a different brand, you can achieve unique visual qualities in your photography and videography. 


URTH Canon (EF/EF-S) Lens Mount to Sony E Camera Mount (Electronic)


Most lens adapters generally don't allow electronic connectivity meaning that autofocus and even data transfer are not possible. However, URTH also offers some of the more popular combinations with the electronic mount option. The Canon (EF/EF-S) Lens Mount to Sony E Camera Mount (Electronic) adapter allows you to connect Canon EF and EF-s lenses to your Sony E mount body and still have full control over exposure, metering, image stabilisation and of course autofocusing systems.

URTH Glass Cleaning Kit

If you are looking for the perfect stocking-stuffer for the photographer or videographer in your life, then the URTH Glass Cleaning Kit makes a fantastic gift. Looking more like a bespoke airline toiletries set, this kit will ensure your filters and lenses remain optically clear all day long.


URTH Glass Cleaning Kit


The kit includes a dust blower and fine brush to remove the bigger particles and a 30ml bottle of cleaning solution that is chemical-free and will not harm even your vintage lenses. Plus, there are not one but two microfibre cleaning cloths.

Lucky Straps Field Notes Journal

Our very own Lucky Straps Field Notes Journal makes the cut as one of the most sought after holiday gifts this year. Creatives of all ilks love the ability to jot down their ideas, inspirations and project concepts. With a stylish leather-wrapped journal tucked neatly into a camera bag or even a back pocket - inspiration is never far away. 


Lucky Straps Field Notes Journal


The Lucky Strap Field Notes Journal is made from a local bookbinder using the highest grade materials. They are available in three colours including brown, black and a darker chocolate brown. Included with the leather premium wrap is a 140-page notebook with beautiful unlined cream pages measuring 16.5 x 9.5cm. We also offer replacements at an affordable rate, meaning that the journal can last a lifetime if not more.

The journal also features a pen loop for a slimline pen, pencil or whatever you want to tuck in there. And, just like our Lucky camera straps, the cover of the journal can be customised with embossing of your initials, name or business logo. 

Jamel Shabazz: Sights in the City, New York Street Photographs

Do you know someone who needs inspiration?

Well, as our next gift might do the trick. Jamel Shabazz: Sights in the City, New York Street Photographs is the perfect gift for the younger crowd who highlight on the fringes of hip-hop culture. As a Brooklyn-born photographer, Jamel Shabazz visually captured the world around him. His work pays tribute to the New York culture that has shaped the sneaker style and music culture we find ourselves in today.


Jamal Shabazz


When looking through his photographs, photographers will get a sense of being there. Street photography is about capturing the moment, and as photographers, sometimes we need some inspiration to get out. With this book in your hands, you'll find plenty as you browse through the vintage shots of kids rocking sneakers in the Big Apple. It's a simple gift and one that should be considered.

RØDE Videomic Pro

We couldn't leave out the RØDE VideoMic Pro, could we?

After previously mentioning the pro series, we had to include at least one of these stellar products! For photographers, the VideoMic Pro is a staple. Its form factor is smaller than most shotgun microphones, but its quality is a step above. For those using camcorders, you get the best ½" condenser capsule that contributes to the exceptional broadcast-quality audio. Plus whatever camera you use, the industry-standard 3.5mm jack will keep you connected.


RØDE Videomic Pro


For post-processing purposes, the Videomic Pro will also offer mono recording channels of both the left and right audio signals. This is perfect for pairing stereo recordings with vision in the editing suite. If you need to adjust the signal on the fly, the low self-noise (14db) of the mic won't interrupt the special moments you capture. This is also thanks to the super-cardioid polar pattern as it picks up subjects at the front of your camera and not the finger pressing that may happen behind the scenes.

When you pick up this gift for a friend, family member or yourself ensure you add a 9V battery. You'll need this to power one of the world's most popular camcorder microphones.

Lucky Straps Standard 53 - Matte Black

If you know a photographer or friend who loves their camera, then no doubt our next gift idea is going to suit them. The stealth 'Standard 53' Matte Black is the perfect gift for photographers and videographers who aren't about parading their equipment on the streets. Rather, if going incognito is more their style the tactical style of a matte black leather strap is made for them.


Lucky Straps Standard 53 - Matte Black


This gift is a perfect balance of width and length to conform to any creatives' body. Featuring a very fine grain, running your fingers along this strap is addictive. As the strap conforms to you and your camera over time, there's a sense of peace about its durability. Even though black is the choice, there is diversity for those individualists who want something a little bit extra. Photographers and videographers can choose from 10 accent stitching colours to fully complement their business colours or their loyal brand alliance.

Adding to the tactile theme, the Standard 53 - Matte Black is also compatible with Lucky's custom-engineered quick release system. This makes for a versatile sling carry regardless of the location or shoot. So, if you or someone you know is looking for a gift that is longer, wider and more comfortable than the majority of straps out there, then look no further. Plus as the ultimate gift, you can even personalise the strap with your loved one's logo - now that's the ultimate present!

Espresso Displays

Travel is on everyone's lips at the moment. The thought of jumping on a plane to capture images of this amazing world is so tempting. People are busy planning their trips right now, so it makes sense also to plan what gear you would take with you. 

One of the hardest things as a photographer is to know what gear to take. You want everything to pack away neatly without too much weight. This can certainly be a challenge when it comes to editing on-the-go. That's why we want to turn your attention to our next gift idea - an Espresso Display.


Espresso Displays


Now, these aren't just any old monitors. They are particularly designed for photographers and videographers who demand the best post-production real estate. With a super-thin (5.4mm thick), portable, touch screen design, these smart displays plugin. There are no external power cords that are required to run the 15.6" monitor; all you need is a USB Type-C.

Made from Aeronautical aluminium, the stylish design will keep you productive no matter where you are. As the world's thinnest portable touch display Espresso will be the first thing, you pack in your camera bag. Something you should also consider is connecting this to your smartphone for the best social media and Insta editing station. 

Wrist Strap - Black Wine by Lucky Straps

Have you had enough of your out-of-the-box camera strap? Are you sick of wearing your camera around your neck? Then the next gift may be the perfect answer to all your problems. The Black Wine Wrist Strap by Lucky is the ideal combination of style and functionality.


Wrist Strap - Black Wine by Lucky Straps


Gone are the days of wrapping around your stock camera strap around your wrist. Attaching to one side of your camera, this 30mm thin pre-softened leather will keep you shooting on the fly. Made in Australia from durable leather, this gift is the ideal purchase for street, wedding and travel photographers who don't want the extra material hanging from their gear. 

instax SHARE SP-3

In the spirit of giving gifts, the instax SHARE SP-3 printer is the ultimate gift that keeps giving. As photographers taking photos and sharing them with the world is what we love to do. The instax SP3 printer adopts this principle and goes one step further. Imagine if you are out and about either locally or internationally and you take a portrait of someone. Wouldn't it be great to give their image to them as a tangible print? Well, with the instax SP3 in your bag this is now possible!


instax SHARE SP-3


All you have to do is pair the printer via Bluetooth with your camera, select the photo and press print. Now you might be thinking does my partner have Bluetooth on his/her camera? Well, not to worry as the SP3 will connect directly to a smartphone via an app. So as long as the gift receiver has a smartphone, then printing is possible either from the camera roll or via a social media account.

The SP3 is simple in form. It powers from a battery and can hold a maximum of 10 instax prints. To install these, it's a matter of inserting a paper cartridge in the rear of the printer. Then it's a matter of deciding what to print! So this holiday season make someone's day by giving them the gift that keeps on giving!


Now to the higher end of the gift-giving scale. It's here you'll find the unique BofotonUP gadget. This device works via the projection of natural light through a lens. The results are breathtaking. Imagine attaching this lens to a window in a darkened room only to see the outside world projected on the ceiling and every wall. Talk about mind-blown! 




While this Camera Obscura technology dates back before you were born the new thing about the BofotonUP is that it turns the projected image up the right way. No more do you see an upside-down image of the world. The device makes an ideal gift for those people that seem to have one of everything. As it's CNC-milled, the aluminium frame is durable and will last the test of time. There are no batteries, no cords - just a strong suction cup that lets you attach the lens directly to a window for endless enjoyment

Our hope is this gift guide gives you some guidance on some of the best camera accessories available for your partner, friend or family member. 

Our hope is this gift guide gives you some guidance on some of the best camera accessories available for your partner, friend or family member. Or, if you are feeling the holiday spirit, perhaps even treat yourself to any one of the amazing products we have covered here. There is no better time to build up your kit for the new year and for your creative pursuits to follow. 

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