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Simple 20 - Cognac
Francis Stellitano (Jupiter, US)
Good/Excellent Stuff

This strap is excellent and I feel complete confidence with it holding my camera and lens which is worth thousands of dollars. It is very comfortable and the inside or B-side of the leather is smoothed such that it slides over your clothes without dragging. There are zero problems with this strap.

If I had to to do over again, I would have chosen a wider strap.

Standard 53 - Vintage Black
Adrian Liu (Sydney, AU)
Classic and stylish

Truly form and function. The strap was purchased for my new Canon R6. It is beautifully made and the special quick release is not only handy but Very secure. I love the simply understated look of this much needed accessory.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
K.L. (Melbourne, AU)
Great gloves for photography that do what they say they'll do

Serendipitously I had just had a wet and cold photography experience in the You Yangs when I came home to find that Lucky Strap was stocking Vallerret photography gloves. A quick pass through some online reviews and I purchased the Markhof v3 in Medium. They basically do what they say they are going to do - the grip on the palm keeps your camera firmly in hand, the flip back finger tips get held in place by magnets and let you get on with using your camera, and everything just works together really nicely in (Melbourne grade) cold weather. I've had them out in just below freezing temperatures, and it was fine, but I wouldn't want to go much lower than that without an additional layer.
For sizing, the chart and guidance provided here on Lucky Strap seems to be on point - I was in the middle of the range for M, and they fit snug and firm though without any dramas getting them on and off. Recommended.
(as an aside, one quick trial in the car shows that I can't wear these while driving - the grip on the palm made smooth steering a chore - so they aren't an all in one solution for all cold weather uses)

Awesome strap

The long strap is the perfect length for me, I can pull the tensioners to their shortest for over neck carry or their longest for cross body 1 shoulder carry. Great quality leather that's soft and strong and looks amazing. The quick release tensioners are very easy to use if I want to switch out for a wrist strap and look sleek and leave nothing behind on the camera. The leather colour also fairly closely matches my Red Wing Iron Rangers (Amber Harness).

Wrist Strap - Vintage Black
J.B. (Melbourne, AU)

My wrist strap arrived today and I could not be happier. I read the reviews on this site and thought that if they are at least 50% true then I'd still be getting a good product. No need to aim low - this is an amazing item and this really comfortable straight out of the box. Attached to the camera it just exudes quality and security - which is what you want when you have many thousands of dollars hanging off the end!
Great Aussie product and it was delivered in 24 hours from the order. Well done guys and thank you!

Classic 40 Camera Strap - Antique Brown
Ann Edwards (Melbourne, AU)
Excellent Straps

My husband wanted two of these straps and he's now so rapt. Look great, are great.

Wrist Strap - Black/Wine
Mick Warren (Sydney, AU)
Wrist strap

Hi all the Lucky wrist straps is so well made and so comfortable, I just can't stop using it on my Fuji Cameras.
Keep up the good work.

Great Product Great Backup from Justin

As in other reviews, this strap and quick release combo is just perfect for my needs. I have found from many years of business that a great product can suddenly become less great when the after sales back-up is not there. I had a problem (not quality related) and Justin fixed it immediately at some cost to himself. He’s a great business owner with a great product and deserves my recommendation. I NEVER do reviews, however, I have made this one for Lucky Straps and Justin an exception.

Simple 40 - Cognac
Niloyd Pereira (Auckland, NZ)
very cool and very comfortable

It looks great! very comfortable and pretty sturdy too. Highly recommended.

Classic 40 Camera Strap - Vintage Black/Wine
Konstantin Mullerow (Melbourne, AU)
Classic 40 quick release strap review

Comfortable, great looking strap. Feels great against the body. Quick release system makes installation easy & adjustment quick. Only small complaint is that the metal of the quick release system “clatters” against the camera body in some situations.

One of the best leather camera straps you can buy...

The selected leather quality is worthy of mention. By now, both leather layers inside and outside probably come from the same leather from New Zealand. The coarser structure of the inside has an anti-slip effect.

The stitching is very good for a machine stitch, but of course cannot be compared to a saddler's stitch by hand. That would also be a far more cost-intensive production, which certainly not everyone would like to pay for. Only the decorative stitching on the logo patches does not seem particularly robust or durable. The distances between the main seam and the edge are not exactly the same, but I'm sure most people can live with that. What is more remarkable is that different types of leather were used for the logo patches on the inside of the strap, which differ visibly in structure and brightness/colour. But that is the only flaw that really bothered me.

The Quick Release System and the anti-theft cut resistant Dyneema® webbing and a safety lock are another added value of the belt, and otherwise not easy to find.
However, the nylon material slips easily in the plastic holders and twists there easily when twisted. Perhaps a rubber coating or roughening would be an idea for possible updates to the system.

The price is quite fair for the performance offered. However, buyers from Germany or the EU should not forget that import fees are not insignificant. In my case, it was more than 40 euros and the shipment was stuck at the airport for days.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to write a timely review. But this way I was able to write this review with the experience of many weeks, and you can also see how the belt has changed in these weeks.

Even though I was not completely satisfied, I can honestly recommend this camera belt to others, as the shortcomings of my belt are certainly an isolated case. Moreover, you will hardly find anything significantly better, unless you know and pay a professional who makes something like this in individual production.

Simple 20 - Black
Ryan Le Roex (Papamoa, NZ)
Most stylish strap you can buy!

Really great product, the quick release system is so simple and easy works so well, the strap is well made and definitely the nicest looking strap I’ve come across.

Simple 20 - Tan
Darren (Sydney, AU)

I'm using the Simple 20 in Tan on my old Canon AE-1, and it's just perfect! I'm using the Long version as I'm 6'3" and it sits perfectly as a cross body strap. The leather is beautiful!

Deluxe 45 Padded Camera Strap - Desert Tan
Pete Vendt (Christchurch, NZ)
One wasn’t enough.

Brought the deluxe 45 in black/Red. Was so happy with it I had to buy a second for my other cam, this time in the lovely tan colour! Bets strap I’ve ever come across. Strong, secure and so comfortable!

Classic 40 and Quick release ends

Absolutely made to perfection piece of kit. Soft supple and very comfortable with my Fuji XT2 and kit lens. Highly recommend lucky camera straps. This is my second one as I have their cotton wide one. Keep up the good work

Leather Cable Ties - Chestnut Brown
Mitchell (Watertown, US)
So fun and useful

These are a great little addon to your order. I've been using mine to tie up charging cables, etc. I anticipate they will last a very long time!

Standard 53 - Classic Chestnut Brown
Mitchell (Watertown, US)
Not for a short neck

Very well constructed. Feels great in the hand. Shipping was super fast from AU to US. Leather is smooth and blemish free. Only distractor is if you have a short, fat neck, the top of the strap will start to dig into your skull. Especially if you have to look up much. After a long, hot day of shooting my neck was sore. In hindsight, I should have gone with a smaller width strap. Would still highly recommend doing business with them as the product was solid!

Wrist Strap - Matte Black
Terry (Brisbane, AU)
Red & black wrist strap

I have bought a few neck straps over the years and never found one that was comfortable for me so I reviewed heaps of wrist straps and settled on an Australian company Lucky straps. They make very high quality hand made straps. They look good finished off very well and are comfortable. The company are easy to deal with and genuinely care about their customers. I don’t usually do reviews but these guys are not the average company they even make contact with the buyer after their straps arrived to make sure your happy with your purchase. You can’t go wrong with their gear it’s quality I think the wrist strap will out last my new camera.
And no I don’t work for Luck straps 😀

Simple 40 - Cognac
Liang Hsia (Tallahassee, US)
Excellent quality and workmanship

Excellent quality and workmanship.

The leather material might be even better, if it could be softer and more flexible.

Second Lucky Strap

Have been very pleased with our first Lucky Strap for our old Canon 5D Mk3 and when we bought a new 5D Mk4 recently, replacing the crappy Canon strap was a no-brainer. There is no way you can carry a full sized SLR for example with a 70-200 lens on a longer shoot using one of these factory straps.
The original 5 year old brown strap on the other camera is still going strong by the way, nicely worn in, has travelled a lot. This one is red and black with the quick release although we don't really take it off ever. Very happy with these straps. I might buy one for my little Fuji too.

A very happy customer

A happy experience right from the start to finish. From researching the right camera strap for my photography needs with my Olympus OMD mirrorless camera, receiving a quick response to some of my questions from Justin, through to receiving my two lucky camera straps in a timely manner. Very happy with the quality and feel of both camera straps. Personalisation of both straps adds another touch of class to the product. As the review title stated, I'm a very happy customer.

Standard 53 - Olive Green
Clinton Jones (Medford, US)
Two Time Buyer

My second strap purchase. The first one is still in perfect order by the way. Look forward to putting this second one through the same battles the first survived so well. The stitching is perfect. Having used my first one a great deal, I can attest the leather is durable (I know) and it wears really comfortably particularly after it breaks in. This Olive one is gorgeous.

Standard 53 - Vintage Wine/Black
Gerd Siegmund (Korntal, DE)
Very happy

superb quality, very fast shipping to Europe.

Slim 30 - Desert Tan
Sonia (Montreal, CA)
Awesome & awesome looking

Bought a regular for my son, and a long strap for me to carry crossbody, and we both loved our strap. We went hiking for hours in 30 celcius, and it was still comfortable with our mirrorless. It's soft, quality leather. I use leather care products meant for equestrian tack to keep my leather and I can tell this leather will last years. Best feature is possibly the look, we looked like models or instagramers in some of our travel photos.

Amazing quality strap!

I have this strap connected to my Canon R5, it feels like the perfect thickness, not to chunky but solid enough that it feels comfortable to wear over my shoulder all day. The material feels and looks like the quality you expect from a strap at this price point, so it do not disappoint. This is a high quality comfortable strap and the quick clips are a nice touch.

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