Camera Strap Gift Buying Guide

Buying a gift for a photographer is almost impossible!!

There are so many different specifications, opinions and personal preferences along with the fact that camera gear is super expensive....

The good news is our straps fit almost every camera, they are certainly a welcome upgrade from the uncomfortable straps that come standard and you can even personalise them with a name or quote.

Here is a video that runs through our entire range, or scroll down for more info and images about choosing the right camera strap for a gift!

The first step is to check if our straps will fit their camera:

All of our straps use a standard 10mm wide webbing attachment just like the stock straps that come with most new cameras.  

Your camera will either have a 10mm wide slot (most Canons) or a triangular ring (Nikon, Sony and pretty much every other brand) and our webbing goes through these attachment points. We then use not one but two tri-glide buckles to secure the strap for ultimate security and minimal bulk (no giant metal clips to scratch your camera).

For instructions on how to attach your strap, please check out this video:

The first next is trying to work out if they would prefer a wrist strap or neck/shoulder strap:

Most photographers prefer neck/shoulder straps.  If the photographer you are buying for has the standard strap still attached to their camera chances are they will prefer a neck/shoulder strap.  This style of strap is great for adventure as you can let go of the camera and have both hands free at any time.


If they have taken their strap off the camera, or you only ever see them with the strap wrapped around their arm then a wrist strap will probably suit them better.  Wrist straps are great because they don't get in the way but provide security against dropping the camera or theft.

The next step is choosing the right size strap:

If you are thinking choosing a wrist strap then this part is easy!  They are one size fits all and there are only two widths!  Check out the full range here.

Neck/Shoulder straps are a little tricker to figure out. We have three different lengths and four different widths to help cater for different sized cameras and photographers.  

  • Simple 20 - Our thinnest straps, best for light mirrorless and larger compact cameras.  This is the only range that comes three lengths, Short, Regular and Long.
  • Simple 40 - This is the do everything strap! Equally at home on a huge DSLR, vintage film camera or mirrorless setup.  Minimalistic design, it's about the same width as a stock Canon/Nikon strap but comes in longer more comfortable lengths.
  • Slim 30 - Our Slim 30 is designed primarily for the mirrorless models from companies like Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus along with film camera from brands like Leica.  Don't be worried though, they can definitely handle the weight of a pro sized DSLR and heavy lens if required!
  • Standard 53 - Our original and still most popular strap!  The most comfortable for long shoots and heavy loads, and it also looks awesome!

The Simple 40, Slim 30 and Standard 53 all come in the same two lengths, Regular and Long.  The Slim 20 has the additional short length option.

We have put together a comprehensive page on choosing the best length strap, please check it out here.

The fun part! Choosing the Colour and the Personalising the Strap:

Now that you have figured out the type and length of your strap, check out all the colours in the range and choose the one you think they will like the best.  All of our leather are genuine and will get softer and more comfortable every time they are used.

Please keep in mind that leathers do vary and it is a natural product.  This means that your strap could have marks a colour variations which are completely normal, in fact we think they add to the unique character of every strap we sell!


You can personalise your photography gift with our embossing service!  It could be a name, an inspiring quote, a business name or even a logo!

Prices start from AUD$20 and you can select the options on the product page of the strap you have chosen before adding the strap to the cart.

There are options for different fonts and finishes so it can be as subtle or out there as you want.

Here is a video with a great overview of our personalisation options.

For the full list of options and lots of images please check out this page!

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