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Explore the World With Your Camera

In an age where the world has shrunk to fit into the palm of our hand through screens and internet connections, it's easy to forget that there are other more tangible ways to explore the world. Setting out into somewhere new with a camera slung over your shoulder is one of the ways to get the most out of travel. 
Photography isn't just about creating beautiful images; it’s an exquisite medium that offers a unique window to experience the world and embark on a lifetime of adventures.

This blog post features images from a recent trip to Bali, all shot with my Canon R5 and RF35mm 1.8 - I highly recommend travelling with just a great camera and a prime lens, plus having it out as much as possible when exploring.  The best way to do that is with one of our leather camera straps!

Beach Bar Hideaway


A Catalyst for Exploration

Photography can be far more than a passing hobby, it becomes a calling that drives and challenges even the most veteran image maker. Landscape photographers chase golden hour, leading them to undiscovered beauty, wildlife photographers wait patiently for that perfect shot in the wilderness, and street photographers immerse themselves in urban jungles hoping to capture the decisive moment amongst the heartbeat of a city. The quest for the perfect photograph can take one from scorching deserts to icy mountain peaks. The camera, becomes a ticket to adventures unknown.

Bali Fishing


Connecting with Cultures

Photography also offers a unique way to connect with different cultures. It's not uncommon for professional photographers to spend days, if not weeks, in a community, trying to capture its essence. This immersion allows them to understand customs, traditions, and lifestyles from a vantage point that a regular tourist might never experience. 
It's possible to take this same philosophy into your regular travels by using the camera to be more curious.  Don't just witness a dance performance; find out the history behind it and try to tell that story in an image. Don't just taste the food; spend time with local chefs to understand who they are and why they love creating their signature dish.

Bali Chicken


An Exercise in Mindfulness

Amidst these adventures, photography also becomes a tool for mindfulness. While trying to find the perfect composition it's easy to become deeply engrossed in your surroundings, noticing nuances that might elude the ordinary eye. The rustle of leaves, the play of shadows, the fleeting emotions on a stranger's face – the world slows down when seen through a viewfinder. In this slowed-down version of the world, there's a heightened appreciation for nature, people, and life itself.

Bali Ocean


Documenting Change and Making a Difference

As photographers traverse the globe, they also become chroniclers of change. Their lenses capture the melting glaciers, the urban sprawl, endangered species, and the evolving faces of cities. Through their work, they not only document but often catalyse action. Many photographers have used their art to draw attention to environmental issues, humanitarian crises, and more, proving that their adventures can also be a force for global change.

Bali Rice Fields

Photography is not just about capturing great images; it pushes us to venture out, explore somewhere beyond the tourist traps, connect with local culture, and, in the process, maybe even discover something about ourselves.
So, the next time you hold a camera, know that you're not just taking a photograph; you're opening a window to the world and embarking on an adventure that might just change the way you see the world.

Enjoy some more images - Justin (Founder of Lucky Straps)

Bali SunsetBali Influencer WaterfallBali BeachBali SunBeach CookSunset Band Bali

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