Camera Straps

Lucky Camera Straps offer a bespoke collection of products, including our genuine leather and natural cotton camera straps. Each unique camera strap is hand-made to ensure the wearer receives the most comfortable crossbody, over the shoulder or wrist strap. Adding to this is our unique personalisation service, which extends to embossing and inlay foil so you can stand out from the rest when wearing your camera.

As Lucky Straps is 100% Australian-made, we can ship your chosen camera strap directly from the factory. Meaning there are no delays with third-party vendors, so you get your products as quickly as possible. Plus, with shipping to almost every country, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand, placing your order today means you won't be waiting long if you opt for the express shipping option.

The Best Camera Straps From Lucky Straps

Camera Straps are designed with different sizes and styles in mind. So, we encourage you to browse the extensive range of leather camera strap styles that fit all cameras. Suppose you are purchasing one of our straps as a gift. In that case, we encourage you to visit our buyer's guide, where you can find all of our camera strap recommendations for specific photographers and videographers.

Our Standout Camera Strap Features

You will also notice we feature the highly popular Lucky Camera Straps Quick Release system void of a tripod plate or any dongles you may find on competitors straps (like Peak Design and Black Rapid). The system provides photographers and videographers with the ability to remove or add their camera strap to their camera quickly. Having this feature built-in on the strap means you can remove your camera strap for long exposures or when packing your camera in the bag...

Materials We Use

A well-built camera strap should last, which is why we use leather over neoprene. Leather wears over time to become a snug fit for your camera when it's across your body or hanging by your side.

Our Quick Release System features cut and abrasion-resistant Dyneema® Webbing. This high level of strength reinforces our straps to carry extreme weight, plus protects your gear from opportunistic thieves.

The Best Way To Carry Your Camera

When choosing a camera strap, it's really important to think about how you will carry and wear your camera the majority of the time. For instance, is your camera compact and only requires a wrist strap, or do you need something more substantial to suit a DSLR? Also, do you plan on wearing your camera as a shoulder or neck strap?

Lucky Camera Straps are designed to be carried as follows:

Hang Your Camera Over The Shoulder

With an adjustable length, you can position the camera to sit below your hip or above your beltline. Adding to the comfort level is leather which softens over time, so you get the most comfortable strap formed to you (as opposed to the cookie-cutter approach).

Wear Your Camera Across The Body

Manufacturer camera straps can't be worn across the body for many males and females. This is due to their short length. Lucky Camera Straps, on the other hand, offer extendability to accommodate larger or taller people.

Aim For Symmetry Around The Neck

If you prefer to be in symmetry with the weight of your camera, then nothing beats having a camera around your neck. The wider leather straps we offer make this carrying experience more comfortable. However, our slimmer straps will also be far more comfortable than the strap that comes with your camera - because nothing beats leather!

Carry Your Camera Securely In Your Hand

Lucky Wrist Straps are available in two different widths, the standard and Slim 30. We've done this to suit photographers who may have different sized cameras. For instance, if you are using a compact or small mirrorless camera, the Slim 30 is the best option. Whereas for all other cameras, the standard size offers the most comfortable carrying option when security is attached around the wrist.

Why We Think Our Design Peaks The Interest of Photographers

Unlike most production made straps, our hand-made leather straps are unique and manufactured with a personal touch. This provides photographers with a unique look while offering the best comfort in a shoulder or neck strap. In addition to the manufacturing process, our team at Lucky offers personalisation which our customers love.

The camera strap personalisation service caters to business owners who wish to emboss their logo into the leather. Our team can also add foil infill in various colours to make your logo stand out. This service isn't just for business owners; we can make a template for anyone who wants to add text to their strap. The results are incredible. To learn more, visit our personalisation page for more details and samples.

Why a Quick Release Strap is Essential

The revolutionary Lucky Camera Straps Quick Release system elevates your typical camera strap to a security device. If you're travelling, regularly swapping out gear or changing your carrying style, a strap that attaches and detaches quickly is essential. The beauty of such a system is more than just a minor convenience. It adds assurance to the safety of your expensive camera gear. Regardless of travelling to a foreign city or climbing rocky terrain, your camera stays exactly where you want it. The system features an anti-theft locking mechanism to prevent accidental release of your camera from the strap.

Using a Tripod Mount For Fast Access

Many photographers and videographers dynamically employ a range of systems to support their cameras. Being able to move your camera from your camera strap to a gimbal and then onto a tripod mount is essential. We’ve basically removed the need to attach a strap to a tripod plate which avoids having your camera upside down, like Black Rapid. With the Lucky Straps Quick Release system, you can detach your strap from your camera to quickly mount it to a tripod. In a matter of moments, your strap can be removed and out of the way while you drop your gear onto a gimbal. The Quick system provides greater flexibility to meet the growing demands of content creators.

What Makes Our Straps So Secure

Lucky straps are incredibly secure and ideal for those travelling. The reason we include Nylon Webbing in the entire range of our straps is for strength and security. Camera theft and loss will ruin your travels and cost a lot to replace. With a Lucky Straps camera strap featuring our Rapid Release system, your gear will never leave your person.

Camera Straps To Complement Your Gear

We all have different camera gear to suit our creative pursuits and work style. Some love the simplicity of a compact point and shoot, while others cannot leave home without their medium format behemoth. Regardless of the style and size of the camera you carry, there's a Lucky Straps camera strap to complement your gear.

All of our leather neck or shoulder straps are customisable by colour, size, and length. There are four types of camera straps; Simple 20, Simple 40, Slim 30 and Standard 53. These straps are in addition to the two styles of wrist strap we offer; Simple 20 Wrist Straps and the standard Wrist Strap.

The Best Thin Camera Strap - Simple 20

If you are looking for a thin camera strap to suit your mirrorless camera, then the Simple 20 is the one for you. These easy-to-install quick-connecting camera straps offer flexibility while maintaining a stylish grain leather look. The Simple 20 is also the best option for smaller, retro analogue film cameras and compact point and shoot models. The slimline form and dimensions of the strap perfectly complement these kinds of cameras.

Simple 40 - The Premium Full Frame DSLR and Mirrorless Strap

If your camera is a little bigger, such as a DSLR, Sony A-Series or Fujifilm X-T4, then you're bound to fall in love with the Simple 40 neck strap. Compared to a stock strap that you get with a Canon and Nikon, it's almost identical in width. But, the leather adds a far better feel. Plus, the Simple 40 is a lot longer, making it a better strap than the one included in the camera box.

The Perfect Camera Strap For Mirrorless Cameras - Lucky Straps Slim 30 Camera Strap

When wearing the low profile Slim 30 around your neck, you'll certainly look the part. For those who have a slightly larger mirrorless body, this is the best camera strap for you. The strap certainly can handle heavier DSLRs, so there's no need to worry if you want a slimmer strap than the wider Standard 53.

Standard 53 - Complete Support For Medium Format Cameras

By the name, you would have guessed that this is the standard strap that fits the majority of cameras. You can buy the Standard 53 as leather or as a natural cotton camera strap. We've also gone to the extent of offering personalisation to this strap (and the ones mentioned above) for a small fee. So when you choose to add this to the cart, make sure you include a logo or text embossing plus foil infill. The result is unmatched by any of our competitors (such as Peak Design).

Comfortable Wrist Straps

Looking for the best camera wrist strap money can buy? Well, here at Lucky, we know what photographers want. We have tailored a pair of comfortable leather wrist straps that do not get tangled and are far more secure than other thin material bands. You can buy our leather wrist straps in two forms, the Standard Wrist Strap and the Simple 20, which is thinner. Our wrist straps suit every style of camera to complement how you prefer to carry your gear.

Our Straps Are a Perfect Match For All Photographers

Regardless of the genre of photography or style of videography you capture, Lucky Straps are the best carrying solution. What's more, our straps are available in crossbody, over-the-shoulder, or wrist strap variants. Lucky Straps complement and enhance the photographer's experience when shooting all styles of photography. No matter the size and weight of your carrying gear, you'll be comfortable, and your gear will remain safe.

Event Photographers

Event photographers typically spend long days and nights on foot while carrying two cameras for fast access. Using a stock camera strap with neoprene padding or a thin Peak Design strap won't cut it. A poor quality neck strap will probably cut into you and cause discomfort - especially if you are using two cameras. Lucky Straps leather straps such as the Standard 53 are ideal for event photography. The broad leather strap spreads the weight of your kit evenly. Many event photographers also choose to carry two DSLR or mirrorless cameras and will wear two Standard 53 straps crossbody.

Outdoor Photographer

No matter the weather conditions, photographers need to head outdoors on a regular basis to make the most of the available light. Consider a Lucky Straps camera strap if you're sporting a mirrorless or DSLR camera on your daily walk. With the right strap, you can enjoy any outdoor activity with your camera slung across your shoulder. If you love to travel light with a single body and a nifty-fifty, we highly recommend the Simple 40 range of leather straps. They provide all-day comfort, security and look amazing too.

Road Trip Enthusiasts

There's nothing quite like a road trip adventure. Unless you photograph or capture a video of your journey, no one will believe you even left the house. A great road trip demands you take your camera along for the ride. Regardless of visiting distant cities or travelling to wide-open spaces, you'll need a camera. If you're carrying a smaller DSLR or mirrorless camera for the sake of saving space, you'll need a secure and reliable camera strap. The Slim 30 leather camera strap with a Quick Release system makes for the perfect travel companion that can be worn as shoulder strap. Thanks to the slash-proof nylon webbing and Quick Release locking mechanism, your camera will never disappear into a crowd (unlike our competitors like Peak Design / Blackrapid that don’t have this additional strength)

Safari Lovers

If wildlife photography is your thing, chances are you carry telephoto lenses. Big lenses are heavy, and carrying them while on a long safari or hike can wear you down. A slimline Peak Design or Blackrapid camera strap won't spread the weight and provide long-term comfort. A quality leather strap such as the Lucky Strap Standard 53 is by far your best option.

Leather is naturally comfortable to wear as a sling, shoulder or cross body strap. The softness of the leather contours to your body. Plus, with such a broad strap, the weight of long lenses is spread evenly.

Content Creators

More and more content creators are opting for smaller kits with mirrorless cameras and lenses. Retro film cameras also fall into the smaller kit category, and as such, the Lucky Straps Simple 20 is a great solution. Ideal for mirrorless cameras and point and shoots, content creators love the smaller width and profile of the strap. Worn across the torso or around the neck, the Simple 20 provides security and freedom of movement. However, not everyone wants to carry a camera around their neck. Many vloggers prefer the comfort and support provided by the Simple 20 Wrist Strap or Lucky Straps standard Wrist Strap.

Peace Of Mind When Purchasing a Camera Straps

When choosing to buy your camera strap, know that you are getting the best quality hand-made leather straps available on the market. Designed and made in Bendigo, Australia, we cater for all photographers and videographers worldwide. All products are designed to be comfortably worn as a sling shoulder, across body strap, around the neck or as a casual sling shoulder strap. Our custom personalisation service, premium leather and Quick Release System separate us from the competition. All of our camera straps come with a 30-day' change of mind' return policy, plus we include a lifetime common sense warranty on workmanship.

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